5 Key Digital Insights for Better Citizen Experiences in Government

Last Published: Sep 28, 2023 |
Lakshmi Randall
Lakshmi Randall

Director, Platform Marketing

Over the past decade, a notable decline of citizen trust in American institutions has become evident. This decline is multi-faceted and can be attributed to various factors. One major contributor is the day-to-day interactions that the public has with these institutions — and, more specifically, how these interactions are perceived.

In the private sector, a single negative experience can lead to a loss of customers. Similarly, in the public sector, negative interactions erode trust. Whether in the public or private sector, trust is crucial. It serves as the bedrock upon which effective democratic societies are built. A lack of trust can destabilize institutions, erode public confidence and hamper efficient service delivery.

Government institutions are taking heed. They’re embracing the private sector’s concept of “customer experience (CX),” and identifying where the private sector’s initiatives to enhance CX apply to the interactions between institutions (government agencies) and their constituents (the public). Agencies are now hard at work to improve interactions.

An example of this is the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In order to boost support for citizens affected by disasters, the agency is employing “enhanced applicant services” so people can get the help they need faster. In another example, challenges taxpayers experience in reaching representatives to get personalized service and answers to their individual tax needs are being addressed by the Internal Revenue Service with the establishment of a “Taxpayer Experience Office.”

This emphasis on customer experience in government can ensure that virtually every interaction the public has with its government is positive, reinforcing trust and confidence and leading to more effective and responsive democratic societies.

In our previous blog on this topic, we delved into the distinctions between private sector CX and government experience (GX). Now, in this post, we present five essential recommendations to enhance GX that are anchored in successful commercial CX principles.

Align GX Strategy with Data Strategy

Data is central to every commercial CX initiative. In government, agency chief data officers must weave GX activities into their data strategies. The Federal Data Strategy1 should offer a comprehensive roadmap for optimal data management and utilization within the federal government. Aligning with this strategy guarantees that GX endeavors, such as improving citizen engagement and public safety, are data-centric and aligned with best practices.

For impactful initiatives, the data strategy must emphasize effective data management solutions that can:

Insights on how to build a data strategy can be found here.

Embrace Data Sharing to Enhance Citizen Experiences

A majority of public interactions within government involve multiple citizen programs, necessitating integrated data systems for effective service delivery. This highlights the importance of inter-agency collaboration and data sharing. It’s imperative to establish relevant data standards and efficient data sharing protocols for the successful implementation of these initiatives. The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 underscores the significance of organizing and cataloging agency data.

Data holds the potential to bridge gaps between different government entities, thereby enhancing the overall GX. However, to fully realize this potential, the government must ensure smooth, responsible data sharing while maintaining appropriate safeguards. Data cataloging capabilities empower government agencies to catalog and democratize citizen data, facilitating data sharing — this includes establishing data sharing agreements and fostering relationships to responsibly share data across agencies.

Learn how Community Technology Alliance, an Informatica customer, enabled data sharing here.

Invest in AI to Improve Service

To harness the burgeoning advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and its multiple CX benefits, it's crucial to ensure that GX strategies align with AI capabilities. As AI continues to expand in both public and private sectors, it's imperative for agencies to position their GX initiatives to swiftly integrate these advancements. This includes guaranteeing data quality and preparing open data assets for seamless transitions.

The rapid evolution of AI offers the potential to both enhance and expedite these initiatives. Robust data governance enables AI-ready data, facilitating a smoother adoption of emerging AI technologies. These capabilities not only help streamline service delivery and boost productivity but also allow GX teams to dedicate more time to deepen citizen engagement.

Gain insights on how a State human services provider, an Informatica customer, enabled trusted AI here.

Enforce Data Security and Privacy Protocols

Collaboration between GX teams and data experts within agencies is crucial to ensure access to pertinent data while adhering to privacy, confidentiality and zero trust security standards. Key officials for these protocols include the chief privacy officer, chief data officer and chief information officer, among others. Agencies are encouraged to align their service delivery to offer integrated experiences, ensuring that data exchanges adhere to stringent privacy protocols.

The ultimate goal is to enhance GX initiatives while prioritizing data accuracy, actionable insights and strict adherence to privacy standards. Applying cloud data management practices and tools for data quality, data governance, data privacy and security ensures data remains at the center of the new norm to use data for GX activities.

See an example of how agencies can enable data security and privacy here.

Realize Value from GX Initiatives

Realize value from GX initiatives in government by designing initiatives with measurable outcomes in mind. Align with agency evaluation officers to facilitate seamless integration into broader agency plans, making GX an institutional priority.

Utilizing holistic data management solutions such as Informatica Customer 360 SaaS, powered by Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC), helps you consolidate your efforts, all while driving a faster return on investment.

Get details on how to enhance GX initiatives leveraging IDMC for CX here.

A proactive digital approach to GX, based on these recommendations, can serve as a catalyst for rebuilding trust. The Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud empowers government agencies to stay ahead of the curve, leveraging AI-ready data to ensure that they are meeting the needs and expectations of their citizens. 

Next Steps

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First Published: Sep 28, 2023