A Big Thank You to Our Global Partners and Welcome to the Next Phase of Growth with Informatica

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Richard Ganley
Richard Ganley

SVP, Global Partners & Digital Transformation Solutions

This past year has been an incredible year of change, the pandemic being the forcing function. We’ve all had to adjust, adapt, and respond to real and daunting challenges as the world came to a grinding halt then slowly chugged back to productivity, albeit in a remote and virtual fashion.

Informatica has been going full steam ahead helping our customers stay resilient, working side-by-side with our partners to bring best-of-breed cloud data management solutions to our customers as they accelerate their plans to modernize, move to the cloud, and forge ahead with their data-driven digital transformation. The need to have a robust cloud data strategy has never been greater, and we’re committed to helping customers manage, protect, and access their data on any platform, any cloud, and for any user in multi-cloud and multi-hybrid environments.

This year’s partner summit, Elevate, presented virtually, saw tremendous attendance from our partners. CEO Amit Walia discussed Informatica’s cloud-first, cloud-native strategy; regional leaders laid out key priorities, goals, and objectives; technical sessions offered certification opportunities; and for the first time we covered the industry view of customers’ digital transformation challenges in financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, retail, public sector, and manufacturing.

One of my favorite parts of Elevate is recognizing the outstanding contributions our partners have made to bringing smart solutions that enable customers to unlock the power of their data. This year we recognized the following partners across the globe:

  • Business 360 Partner of the Year, EMEA: AlmavivA
  • Cloud Data Partner of the Year, EMEA: Mannai
  • Data Governance Partner of the Year, EMEA: IME
  • Emerging Partner of the Year, APAC and Japan: PT Prima Integrasi Network
  • Emerging Partner of the Year, EMEA: AEC
  • GSI Partner of the year EMEA: Capgemini
  • GSI Cloud Partner of the year EMEA: Accenture
  • Joint Marketing Partner of the Year, EMEA: parsionate
  • North America Partner of the year: Deloitte
  • Partner of the Year, Japan: SCSK
  • Partner of the Year, Australia: Capgemini
  • Partner of the Year, New Zealand: Intergen
  • Partner of the Year, ASEAN, India, Korea (AIK): Accenture
  • Partner of the Year, APAC and Japan: Accenture
  • Partner of the Year, EMEA: InfoFlow
  • Reseller Partner of the Year, ASEAN, India, Korea (AIK): Dong Kuk Systems
  • Reseller Partner of the Year, Greater China: Automated Systems (H.K.) Limited
  • VAD Partner of the Year ASEAN, India, Korea (AIK): Vintcom
  • VAD Partner of the Year Greater China: Winsky Technology

I’m amazed at the ingenuity demonstrated by businesses—across all sectors—to solve complex data problems. It’s taken many smart, dedicated people working together, and our hats are off to you, our valued partners. Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with us, growing together, and offering customers rich solutions that put them in the driver’s seat with their data-driven digital transformations.

First Published: Apr 08, 2021