AI-Powered Automation and Refreshed UI—What’s New in Product 360 10.1?

Last Published: Mar 11, 2024 |
Antonia Renner
Antonia Renner

Sr. Principal Solutions Marketing Manager

We are excited to kick off the new year with the availability of Product 360 10.1. This new release offers refreshed user interfaces, AI-powered classification capabilities, and a rich set of cool features and innovations to bring user experience to the next level.

Learn about the fresh new look and powerful new features of the latest release of Informatica Product 360, designed to bring user experience and product information management to the next level.

The global pandemic has further accelerated the shift towards digital commerce. “Contactless,” convenient, and secure shopping has quickly become a key consumer request across touchpoints, ultimately resulting in a global ecommerce growth of 16.5% in 2020 despite global economic uncertainty. More than ever, brands and retailers need to ensure their customers have detailed, trusted, and relevant product information to make informed purchasing decisions.

With that, automating PIM workflows, speeding up time to market, and enabling digital commerce capabilities are key to success to our customers—like PUMA, BMW Group, or Unilever— continuously meeting evolving market trends and customer expectations. Here’s how we’ve enhanced Product 360 to help you deliver product content to your customers and prospects more effectively across all digital touchpoints and channels:

New modernized look and feel for a bright and fresh web user interface, including new capabilities to bring user experience to the next level

One of the first things you’ll notice about the latest release of Product 360 is a bright and fresh appearance. This revised look and feel not only creates a more responsive experience but also improves productivity and user guidance by highlighting which fields are editable and improving the graphical correlation between elements, along with many more visual enhancements.

“The modernized UI in version 10.1 will create a better experience for our Product 360 users.” – Bert Wilken, Senior Business Systems Consultant at PVH

“I’m really looking forward to getting Product 360 version 10.1 into the hands of our clients. The cleaner and more individually tailored user interface will help the user experience considerably.” – Dave Nacy, Senior Managing Consultant at Infoverity.

Product 360 10.1 comes with a refreshed look and feel for a bright and modern appearance

“With the addition of workflows in the Product 360° View it is now easier and more effective to follow your enrichment progress” – Xavier Frichot, Senior Business Consultant at parsionate Benelux B.V.

Automated AI-driven product classification using the new CLAIRE™ recommendation service

With the CLAIRE recommendation service, we are introducing an industry-leading machine learning approach to automatically classify product data into your product taxonomies like maintenance hierarchies or ecommerce output structures. The preconfigured accelerator doesn’t require complex manual tuning to get you started: all you need to do is generate a model from within Product 360 consisting of products to structure group relationships. You can then use this model to auto suggest recommendations to your business users or directly classify new product records via batch mode.

Leverage machine learning to automatically classify your product data

“Nice to see that machine learning (CLAIRE) now is available for automatically matching items to structure groups.” – Marco Hartman, Master Data Management Architect, Viqtor Davis

Deep visibility into data changes and history with the next-generation audit trail component democratizing product data for users

Understanding the history of data is a crucial asset for many users in various roles. And with new, easy-to-understand visualizations for historic data—including historical views for granular tracing of data changes on SKU level and a revert functionality to bring back previous values—we have transformed the audit trail architecture to the next level, resulting into a significant boost of user experience and increased system performance while hardware requirements shrink down.

“The new Audit trail is just what we were looking for. Upgrading to the new version of Product 360 V10.1 has never looked more exciting.” – Gert Van Herck, Teamleader Functional Application Consultants PIM at Eriks

New Object API component allows read access to complete product records with a single call

“The new Object API will be very helpful to customers who use REST to integrate their applications.” – Daniel Molinski, Senior Consultant, Integrationworx

The Object API significantly improves the performance in integration scenarios requiring the full data of a single item by leveraging the use of in-memory caches optimized for single item retrieval. This capability makes it the perfect addition to our API stack for data integration scenarios such as real-time commerce or data analytics where master data for an individual SKU needs to be quickly accessible to external platforms without any data integration overhead or complexity.

Swagger UI (OpenAPI) provides a visual user interface when working with the APIs of Product 360

A dedicated Swagger UI utility that translates in detail the full capabilities of the List API as well as the Management API. It offers a complete suite for interacting with these resources and their operations, thereby increasing productivity in implementations. Business users and workflow designers can quickly adopt by interacting with the visually rendered auto-generated OpenAPI specification which implicitly includes all repository-specific parameters. With that, exploring the powerful API capabilities for system integrations with Product 360 becomes a comprehensive and graphical experience:

Enhanced batching of high data load operations boosting performance by up to 5x in enterprise deployments and setups

Product 360 10.0 launched in March 2020 and introduced the message queue communication for data quality (DQ) rule executions and BPM intercommunication, including increased system robustness in high load scenarios. Version 10.1 offers further enhancements and now includes support for batching of DQ and merge processes to further improve performance by up to 5x, especially in event-driven mass data operation scenarios.

“With our first customers already up and running on version 10.1 it’s nice to see the performance increase that this release offers.” – Peter Karlsson, Senior Solution Specialist at Fiwe Systems & Consulting AB

Enhance PIM for More Engaging Product Experiences webinar

This was just an overview of the feature highlights launched with this release. To watch live demos and learn more, join our product experts for the on-demand webinar, “Explore the Latest Innovations in Informatica MDM – Product 360 v10.1”.

First Published: Jan 18, 2021