Announcing Consumption Pricing for Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Last Published: Dec 03, 2021 |
Yann Gaucher
Yann Gaucher

VP of Pricing

As a cloud-first, cloud-native company, we understand the importance of your cloud modernization initiatives. And we know that one critical part of achieving agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in the cloud comes down to how you’re able to buy and consume cloud services. That’s why we developed consumption pricing for Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud.

Consumption pricing is yet another example of how we bring modern cloud advantages to our customers. Most competitors impose rigid pricing models (e.g., connector-based pricing), which do not scale as your business grows or shifts. Informatica provides you with built-in price protection: not only does the list price decrease with scale, but each service has its own metric and appropriate burn rate. You can optimize for speed and compute for jobs that require real-time speed, or for bulk ETL for moving at slower latencies. Or you can mix and match to your specific need. How you process the data—via push-down, on-premises, or serverless—is up to you. Informatica delivers not only the most flexible iPaaS in the market, but also the pricing to facilitate that flexibility.

Flexible Pricing for Modern Cloud Services

Our consumption pricing model perfectly complements Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud, the industry’s first and most comprehensive cloud-native, AI-powered data management platform. We bring the same innovation to pricing that we bring to our industry-leading products. With the Intelligent Data Management Cloud, you finally have a cloud for end-to-end data management. And now with our new consumption pricing, you have a single pricing model for consuming cloud data management services.

Informatica’s new pricing model removes the complexity of piecing together individual intelligent cloud services (such as for mass ingestion, data integration, data quality, API management and application integration, etc.). Instead, our model lets you consume services based on the amount of capacity you need at any time for any service and from any source as your requirements change. We call this capacity the Informatica Processing Unit (IPU). With IPU pricing, you’re free to use a range of cloud services, across the Intelligent Data Management Cloud.

With our cloud-native model, Informatica’s connectors are free—whether to applications, such as SAP, Salesforce or Marketo; or to data warehouses, such as Snowflake or Amazon Redshift; or to email, FTP, or any other end-point. This provides you with limitless scalability and the freedom to innovate.

How Consumption Pricing Propels Digital Transformation

Our customers are looking to obtaining all the benefits of the cloud. Of course, they are looking forward to getting products to market sooner, innovating on business models, focusing on delivering improved customer experiences, etc. But our customers are also looking forward to elastic, consumption-based pricing models. They’re looking for the flexibility to experiment, and the new IPU pricing model is critical to meet a growing demand for agile innovation.

Our pricing offers all the agility, resilience, and flexibility of cloud. It makes it easy to kickstart new projects and explore new services so you can innovate at your own pace. For example, you might have a cloud data warehouse migration initiative that initially requires mass ingestion and data integration services. After the initial data load, you might want to focus on real-time application integration. The IPU model lets you quickly and easily onboard new capabilities as you need them. As long as you’re within your subscription capacity, you can use whatever service you need, whenever you need it. And because we are an industry leader, you know that your subscription gives you access to the most comprehensive and innovative cloud services available today.

Quick Facts to Know About IPU Pricing

How does consumption pricing work? Here are some key facts to know:

  • This is a pre-paid consumption model. You buy IPUs in advance and subscribe to receive that capacity.
  • Informatica’s hundreds of connectors are free
  • IPUs can be used across all data integration, data quality, data governance, and data masking cloud services
  • IPUs can be interchangeably used across the included cloud services
  • You can track your usage via your usage dashboard so you can plan ahead. And you can always reach out to us to estimate your initial needs.

Getting Started with IPU Pricing for Cloud Services

IPU pricing is available now for all data integration, data quality, data governance, and data masking services. You can get started immediately with convenient, flexible subscription plans. We recently launched an IPU-based Cloud Data Integration Free Service on Microsoft Azure and on Amazon Web Services, so you can easily try the new model. Check out our IPU pricing page for more information.

First Published: Dec 03, 2021