Celebrating Informaticans in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

Last Published: Sep 23, 2022 |
Priya Ramesh
Priya Ramesh

Vice President, Corporate Communications 

As the executive sponsor of our Employee Inclusion Group, Sí (Somos Informatica, which translates to “We are Informatica”), we’re thrilled to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month1 (September 15–October 15). This annual celebration is dedicated to spreading awareness about the rich history, vibrant culture and important contributions of the global Hispanic community.

As a technology organization, Informatica is committed to innovation and ingenuity. We honor Latinos who have made groundbreaking contributions to technology and science. Some transformative inventions include the color TV (Guillermo González Camarena), the stent (Julio Palmaz), and the artificial heart (Domingo Santo Liotta). Other inspiring Hispanics in these fields include Dr. Helen Rodriguez Trias, the first Latina president of the American Health Association; Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, a world-renowned researcher and neurosurgeon who runs the research lab at the Mayo Clinic; and astronaut Ellen Ochoa, the first female Hispanic director at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The list of contributions that are a part of America’s DNA is endless.

To recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month, we would like to showcase the thoughts of some of our remarkable and passionate Hispanic colleagues. We hope their responses reflect their extraordinary commitment to work and family and their contagious zest for life…and inspire you to help foster an inclusive culture at your organization.

What are some of the benefits you've seen or experienced from having more diverse teams and organizations?

Luisa Fish, Talent Experience Operations Analyst

Diversity brings new perspectives, new approaches, new ideas and can enhance the development of a team. If we all think and do things the same way, the results are always going to be the same. By adding diversity to an organization, we are expanding our limits and opening ourselves up to different outcomes.


Anette Armenta, Consultant, Professional Services

Every culture, every nationality, every single person sees the world in a different way. When all these different views are shared, you get greater results! I’ve read that organizations who promote diversity and inclusion are happier and more productive than ones who don’t. I think it’s because having a more diverse group of people means you will have a more diverse set of skills.

Joseph Perez, Consultant, Professional Services

I believe diverse teams allow for a melting pot of values. To me this means that more people with different outlooks can foster an environment of success. Diverse teams also allow us to better interact and understand our customers on different levels, because our customer often isn’t exactly the same as us.


Alfonso “Ace” Castaneda, Facilities Coordinator

A better understanding for other cultures. As the world has become “smaller” or more connected, we have become more aware of other cultures and with that brings a better way to innovate, collaborate and reimagine.



What key piece of advice would you offer young Hispanic Americans following in your footsteps?

Luisa: Be Latino and proud, and don’t be afraid to go after your dreams. Knock on doors, and if one doesn’t open, keep on knocking until one does. There are opportunities out there for the people that are not afraid of the challenge — be one of them.

Anette: Believe in yourself! Believe that your culture and your background bring so much value to organizations! Do not feel intimidated!

Joseph: Follow your passion and work hard towards it. Too often people are pushed into industries or careers that they have little passion for. I find the most successful people are truly passionate and excel with ease in their fields.

Ace: Never lose who you are. It is easy to forget or become assimilated to your environment. Learn, grow and expand your horizons but hold on to your roots.

What can others do to promote the awareness of the true Latino identity and contribution to the U.S.?

Luisa: Awareness and knowledge are key to creating a better understanding of our Hispanic culture. The more people learn about who we are and what we stand for, the better our society can be.

Anette: Share the good things of the culture with friends and people from other cultures. Participate in Hispanic/Latino social activities. Join Hispanic/Latino clubs at work and if one does not exist, create one!

Joseph: We are a people of resiliency and determination. By being true to ourselves I believe we can make a huge impact on how we are viewed in the U.S.

Ace: Latinos are a hardworking and loving people. We should celebrate this and show others how adopting some of these values can motivate and inspire any culture.

What is one thing you would like everyone to know about your Hispanic American culture?

Luisa: We are hard workers, we are passionate about what we do, we are proud of our heritage, we are loud, we are festive, we are helpful, we are sometimes a little “extra,” and that, my amigos, is what sets us apart.

Anette: Hispanic culture is known for close ties with families. I think that influences the way we treat people in other environments like the workplace.

Joseph: Family is everything. It’s our abuelas and mamas passing down recipes for flan and paella, it's speaking broken Spanish with your abuelo (grandpa) about a baseball game keeping the beautiful language alive, it's putting others first for them to enjoy a life that you may have not been able to experience. Family is the core of all the amazing things that exist in Hispanic culture. Oh, and the café con leche. Can’t forget about that.

Ace: We are all NOT the same. Hispanic Americans do not fit one “mold”. We are all diverse — not just with the way we look but how we measure success. And we are passionate.

How to Engage and Inspire During National Hispanic Heritage Month

Make a difference in someone’s life by mentoring and volunteering. Check out Latinitas, a non-profit organization that empowers girls to innovate through media and technology. Here are some other great ideas on how to celebrate Hispanic culture and heritage throughout the month (September 15–October 15)!

Informatica takes pride in celebrating diversity, equality and a deep sense of belonging. If you’re interested in joining an organization committed to seeing, hearing and respecting people for who they are, take a look at our careers page.




First Published: Sep 26, 2022