Complete Data Governance, Data Quality and Observability with Snowflake Horizon and Informatica IDMC

Last Published: Feb 05, 2024 |
Nathan Turajski
Nathan Turajski

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Data Governance & Privacy

AI-powered business outcomes are a top priority for data leaders — but can the underlying data that drives AI and reliable data-driven decision making be trusted? Not only do 78% of data leaders predict their organization’s level of investments will increase in 2024—including 33% who predict significant increases — but an astounding 100% of data leaders plan to invest specifically in data management capabilities to support their data strategy priorities.1

Trusted data that fuels trusted AI is critical — and data governance is key to driving next generation AI, analytics, customer experience and many other outcomes that derive value from data.

This is where Informatica becomes invaluable, especially for Snowflake customers. Informatica, a leader in enterprise cloud data management, delivers unparalleled value to Snowflake customers by providing a robust, comprehensive and efficient AI-powered data management platform across the complete information value chain. This platform extends from the point where data sources are discovered and integrated to data democratization and sharing with a business-friendly data marketplace for data consumers, all with privacy and security built in. Core to Informatica’s offering is a complete set of data governance, data quality and observability services on the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), enabling integrated solutions with Snowflake that complement mutual customers’ data strategy goals to accelerate business outcomes. IDMC is available through Snowflake Horizon, Snowflake’s built-in governance solution for a unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability and access capabilities. Snowflake Horizon makes it easy for customers to govern and take immediate action on data, apps and more across clouds, teams, partners and customers—both inside and outside of organizations.

Informatica and Snowflake have a strategic partnership that combines the best of two innovative solutions: Informatica’s advanced data governance and AI-powered integration capabilities with Snowflake's scalable Data Cloud. This partnership empowers organizations to govern, manage and secure data across the enterprise,  enabling them to make data-driven decisions and power their AI initiatives confidently.

Informatica Data Governance Accelerates AI, Analytics and other Trusted Business Outcomes for Snowflake Users with a Comprehensive Set of Services on the IDMC

Informatica enables a macro set of integrated services to complement Snowflake Horizon that drives today’s modern digital business initiatives at scale. These include:

  1. Comprehensive Data Cataloging and Data Lineage: Informatica provides an AI-powered data catalog that helps Snowflake customers discover and understand their data better, as well as a “catalog of catalogs” approach to integrate with other catalogs beyond Snowflake for a single pane of glass unified view. Informatica automatically scans and catalogs data across various sources, providing a single view of all data assets. This aids in data privacy, protection and compliance.
  2. Data Quality and Observability: Informatica’s data quality management and observability solutions ensure that Snowflake customers always have access to clean, reliable and high-quality data. It provides features such as data profiling, cleansing and validation, ensuring that the data is accurate, consistent and complete. And with data observability, Informatica can help to ensure the health of data pipelines, fixing anomalies and issues to scale out use of trusted data.
  3. Metadata Management: Informatica's robust metadata management capabilities provide Snowflake customers with a deeper understanding of their data. These capabilities extend to Informatica’s broader platform that include data mastering, integration and more. Metadata-driven insights on the IDMC, powered by the Informatica CLAIRE® engine to enable AI-powered automation, help to track data lineage, understand data dependencies and manage data changes effectively.
  4. Data Privacy and Protection: With Informatica's data privacy and protection tools, Snowflake customers can identify and protect sensitive data through applying data masking. This capability aids in achieving regulatory compliance and mitigating risks associated with data breaches.
  5. Data Marketplace: Connecting data producers and owners to data consumers through automation helps organizations get the right data into the right hands with minimal operational overhead. Informatica’s data privacy and protection capabilities control access, ensuring not only that appropriate use aligns to policies, but also building confidence that valuable data assets are democratized and shared responsibly, improving data literacy.

Seamless Integration to Accelerate Time to Value

Informatica offers seamless integration with Snowflake, allowing users to easily ingest, prepare, integrate and deliver trusted data to Snowflake. This ensures that the data in Snowflake is always up-to-date and ready for analytics, AI, customer experience programs and other business-critical opportunities to unleash value.

Informatica and Snowflake collaborate to ensure users benefit from advanced integrated features, unique to both vendors. These include:

  • Retrieve metadata using account usage views or information schema
  • Ability to set or retrieve policies
    • Dynamic data masking (Column-level)
    • Row access policies
  • Ability to set object tagging
    • Set or retrieve Snowflake object tags, and apply them to objects and/or columns
  • Leverage access history views to
    • Read (for auditing who accessed what)
    • Write (for determining lineage)
  • Informatica Cloud Data Quality integration with Snowflake Data Quality

With Informatica’s recent acquisition of Privitar, Informatica can now deliver advanced policy-driven access controls for contextualized data provisioning, further expanding the value of the joint offering.

A Best-of-Breed Together Solution for the Modern Data-Driven Enterprise

Informatica's comprehensive AI-powered data governance solution empowers Snowflake customers to fully leverage their data, enhancing their decision-making capabilities and driving business outcomes. We invite you to learn more!




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First Published: Jan 29, 2024