Learn How to Drive Business Value with Data Lineage in the Cloud

Last Published: Aug 05, 2022 |
Melanie Henry
Melanie Henry

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Does your organization:

  • Strive to be more data-driven?
  • Aspire to improve confidence in the data fueling analytics and AI models?
  • Need to comply with industry regulations?
  • Want to accelerate cloud modernization initiatives?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then join us for our upcoming webinar series, Data Lineage in the Cloud. Each episode of this new series will feature experts from Informatica (and a few industry guests), who will share why and how comprehensive data lineage can support organizations with these efforts and more.

End-to-end data lineage, as part of a data catalog solution, provides the essential transparency for organizations to harness the power of data in the cloud to deliver business value and improve operational efficiency. Having a solid understanding of where data originates, its movement throughout the organization, its transformations and its usage empowers data consumers and enables a variety of data-driven initiatives.

To learn more about data lineage in the cloud and its benefits, and to have your questions answered by the experts, register for our five-part series, where topics include:

  • Why data lineage in the cloud drives business value
  • Must-have lineage capabilities for data-driven organizations
  • Deriving detailed tracking information from data sources that fuel data analytics and other applications
  • Best practices and guidance for implementing data lineage in the cloud and accelerating time to value
  • Common use cases and customer success stories across various industries

Read the episode descriptions below for more details:

Episode 1: The Fundamentals of Data Lineage

In our introductory episode, we’ll discuss why lineage is critical for data-driven organizations. You’ll learn about the basics of data lineage in the cloud and why both business and technical audiences should utilize it. We'll also dive into must-have lineage capabilities.

Episode 2: Driving Business Value

In Episode 2, we’ll explore some of the most common use cases for data lineage in the cloud across different industries. This episode will include a panel discussion focused on driving business value with lineage in data-driven organizations. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to see data lineage in action, as this episode also will include industry-specific demos to complement the panel discussion.

Episode 3: Capturing Lineage Across the Modern Data Landscape

Join us for Episode 3 to learn more about deriving data lineage from the various data sources that fuel data analytics and other applications. This episode will focus on data source connectivity and overcoming common issues with deriving lineage.

Episode 4: Best Practices and Accelerating Time to Value

To gather tips for successfully implementing data lineage in the cloud, be sure to tune into episode 4. In addition to providing implementation guidelines, we’ll cover best practices for adopting lineage across the organization. Our panelists will also touch on partnering with a professional services provider to accelerate adoption.

Episode 5: Customer Success Stories

In Episode 5, our speakers will share success stories about customers across different industries that have created business value using data lineage. We’ll dive into why these customers leveraged lineage to improve confidence in their data and the tangible benefits they’ve observed. We’ll also cover the link between data lineage and data & analytics governance programs.

Register for the Data Lineage in the Cloud Webinar Series

If you would like to explore each of these data lineage-related topics and more, register today!

First Published: Aug 05, 2022