Data Management: Not All That Glitters Is Cloud-native 

Last Published: Mar 15, 2022 |
Lakshmi Randall
Lakshmi Randall

Director, Platform Marketing

As you invest in data management solutions in the cloud — whether they are for data governance, data integration, master data management or application integration — it is imperative to understand the difference between cloud-hosted, cloud-enabled and cloud-native solutions to future-proof your investments. While you might initially have the necessary functionality with solutions that are not cloud native, as your business requirements evolve, these solutions will be difficult to scale, manage, govern and extend. The result? Increased manual efforts and costs, and a longer timeframe to achieve the business outcomes you want.  

So how can you tell the difference between cloud-hosted, cloud-enabled and cloud-native solutions? Here are six key characteristics to look for:

Scalability – Cloud-native solutions elastically scale up or down to meet workload demands, whereas cloud-hosted or cloud-enabled solutions fail to scale as demands increase. 

Ease of maintenance – Cloud-native solutions are modular. This means upgrades and new releases are easy to apply and manage; no manual efforts are required to manage the solution. 

Cost efficiency – Cloud-native solutions provide a better pricing model compared to cloud-hosted solutions, which are not optimized for cost efficiency. 

Integration – Cloud-native solutions deliver an API-based approach to integration with other components or solutions and enable extensible architectures. 

Multi-tenancy – This is core to being cloud-native. Multi-tenancy delivers improved performance and the ability to create separate tenants for your customers’ data and products. 

Faster innovation – Vendors who leverage cloud-native architecture innovate faster with a continuous integration and delivery approach. This in turn enables you to reap the benefits of your innovation for new functionalities and capabilities. 

Innovate Faster with Cloud-native Capabilities

Building cloud-native products requires R&D investments and foundational design principles like simplicity, productivity and scale. Cloud-hosted and cloud-enabled solutions bring legacy technical debt to their cloud offering and suffer from the same problems that occur in an on-premises environment.  

Informatica has spent over one billion dollars in R&D since 2015 to enable cloud-native experiences for our customers. Our Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is built on an elastic, API-driven, microservices-based modern data foundation. IDMC works across on-premises, multi-cloud and hybrid ecosystems. It incorporates over 500+ modular cloud services across various data management applications, enabling us to innovate faster while offering you the scale, performance and flexibility that you need for enterprise-grade workloads. 

IDMC provides a consumption-based pricing model that is cloud-friendly and usage-based. You have access to a breadth of cloud services to meet your data management needs. You can also track your consumption and adjust to meet future demands. 

Next Steps

Don’t just take our word for it. Test drive our cloud-native data management experience for yourself! 

First Published: Mar 15, 2022