Delivering an Exceptional Healthcare Consumer Experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Informatica

Last Published: Jan 21, 2022 |
Richard Cramer
Richard Cramer

Chief Strategist, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Improving the patient and member experience is a high priority for healthcare payers and providers. These initiatives are omnichannel in scope and frequently include Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights as the application focal point for consolidating and managing the wide variety of data required to empower business teams across sales, service, and marketing to personalize experiences at scale.

Healthcare enterprises are also evolving their focus beyond just patients and members to include consumers as they increasingly look to learn about, interact with, and build a relationship with individuals before they become an actual patient or member. This reflects the growing competitiveness of the healthcare marketplace and acknowledges the expanding role of the healthcare consumer in directing where their healthcare dollars get spent.

A great example of this is Medicare Advantage, where the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services pays the premium but the decision to participate and the choice of insurer is entirely up to the individual. This decision-making role of the individual places enormous power in the hands of the consumer and helps explain the focus and high priority health plans are placing on the member experience as a competitive differentiator.

For providers, the growth in telemedicine and new channels of interactions between healthcare providers and their patients rewards initiatives that understand and tailor products to the desires of individual patients and consumers. As with so many other industries, we expect our healthcare providers to know who we are, our history with the organization, and our preferences (such as a preference for in-person visits versus telemedicine or a video call versus a telephone call), and to use this detailed knowledge to deliver a highly personalized experience.

And far from being one-sided, healthcare providers can enhance quality and reduce costs by using detailed insights about individuals to guide them to desired behaviors. For example, if we know a patient lives alone with no access to transportation, we can arrange a rideshare for them when scheduling an appointment to help reduce no-shows.

Meeting the Challenges of Data Integration and Data Quality in Healthcare

Healthcare is well known to be a data-intensive business, and most large healthcare organizations typically have hundreds of disparate applications used to support membership, clinical care, population health, finance, and administrative functions, to name just a few. Consolidating data about an individual from these disparate systems – almost always spanning on-premises and cloud – is daunting in complexity and makes the sourcing of customer data particularly challenging for healthcare organizations.

But the sourcing of customer data is only part of the challenge for healthcare organizations seeking to apply analytics and gain insights from their data. The complexity of healthcare delivery and the large number of different roles, spanning many different care settings, creates data quality challenges of every flavor, including completeness, format, accuracy, and all other ways data can be inconsistent and inaccurate.

The Informatica Accelerator for Microsoft Customer Insights directly addresses healthcare customer needs by:

  1. Accelerating the Sourcing of Customer Data – With hundreds of healthcare customers and decades of experience servicing the healthcare market, Informatica offers industry-leading capabilities to connect and fetch data from different heterogeneous sources and process customer-related data assets. The breadth and depth of Informatica connectors (200+ high scale, high performant connectors) in the enterprise is unparalleled. Informatica technologies are 90% faster in discovering the right customer assets for data integration. This addresses the fundamental pain-point of deciphering enterprise complexity and finding and extracting the relevant customer data assets that drive customer experiences.
  2. Cleansing, Enriching, and Establishing the Trusted Quality of Customer Data – Intelligence driven by analytics and insights is only as good as the quality of the underlying data. Informatica’s AI engine CLAIRE has the ability to cleanse, enrich, establish high data quality, and master customer data and other related assets while demonstrating strong governance for enterprise data (with respect to data lineage, PII, compliance, privacy, etc.). This provides enterprises the foundational trust, confidence, and satisfaction that is a necessary prerequisite for driving accuracy into the data intelligence behind the insights.
  3. Driving Actionable Insights – Informatica recently announced the general availability of a new “Common Data Model Connector” for Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 applications that transforms the customer data assets into the relevant common data model medium for Azure and Dynamics 365 applications to consume seamlessly to generate insights. Informatica also delivers the insights to the various systems of action in an enterprise directly enhancing the customer value and the adoption of the customer data platform.

Customer centricity is the new “new thing” for healthcare organizations. It’s good for our patients, our members, and the consumers we interact with every day. But delivering an exceptional consumer experience isn’t just good business – it’s good healthcare. More engaged, better-informed consumers are more active participants in the decisions affecting their care and more likely to adhere to the physician instructions, care plans, and medication regimens that lead to both better outcomes and lower costs.

Informatica offers the innovative Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), which delivers enterprise capabilities to discover, cleanse, master, and integrate customer and customer-related data assets. By addressing the fundamental data management challenges that healthcare faces, Informatica helps increase the effectiveness of the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform.

To learn more about the partnership between Microsoft and Informatica and to see how easily Microsoft customers can achieve their customer experiences goals, be sure to check out the Informatica Enterprise Accelerator for Customer Insights.

First Published: Jan 21, 2022