Gain a Competitive Edge with SaaS-Based Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Last Published: Nov 22, 2022 |
Gopi Sankaran
Gopi Sankaran

VP, Strategic Ecosystems Cloud

Organizations today strive to be data-led and modernize to become intelligent data enterprises. They understand that data, analytics and AI are key building blocks to success. However, managing complex data silos and sources, systems and types is a critical roadblock they must overcome in their journey to become an intelligent data enterprise, and this complexity — built over long periods of time — permeates the enterprise. Companies that overcome this challenge can unlock the hidden value in their data, and data-driven businesses can become more customer-centric by leveraging AI-powered analytics.

How can companies make the shift from data source to data insight so they can innovate and gain a competitive edge?

Informatica + Microsoft: Ultimate Partnership for Customer Delight

Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) enables digital transformation for the modern data enterprise. This end-to-end, SaaS-based solution empowers organizations to innovate with agility. It enables them to design and build a clean, governed and trusted data estate. As a long-standing Microsoft strategic partner, Informatica is honored to be the initial premier partner for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform initiative.

As an initial premier partner, we are working with Microsoft to deliver a seamless cloud platform with Informatica IDMC for Azure. Our combined platform fully supports customers’ data analytics, data platform and governance needs. It enriches customer investments across Microsoft solutions, including Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse, Power BI and Cosmos DB.

Deliver Intelligent Data and Analytics With a Modern Cloud Data Architecture

Informatica has extensive expertise in helping customers build modern data management platforms with IDMC. We have learned that there are three simple, but necessary, principles in building an effective cloud-native modern data architecture. It must be able to:

  1. Solve the business problem – Start with the business value you are trying to achieve. Think about why you are building or enhancing your data architecture.
  2. Scale on demand – Elasticity is an important benefit of cloud, allowing your data architecture to scale based on business demand.
  3. Adapt to business needs – A modern architecture should be flexible. It must be able to ingest data, ensure quality and govern data while keeping it accessible no matter what its volume or variety.

Informatica’s IDMC for Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform is built on these core principles of modern data architecture. Informatica addresses critical data management challenges facing Azure customers, including the ability to:

  • Discover data
  • Populate data into the Azure cloud
  • Cleanse the data to ensure it is usable and that they can drive data quality
  • Secure high-risk data — including PII information — across the data estate
  • Master the data for high fidelity, actionable analytics
  • Govern the data, addressing compliance and enterprise needs
Figure 1: A modern cloud data architecture combines Informatica intelligent data management with Microsoft technologies to give companies a competitive edge. Figure 1: A modern cloud data architecture combines Informatica intelligent data management with Microsoft technologies to give companies a competitive edge.


Summary: Get Friction-Free Data Management With a Trusted Cloud Platform

Companies understand how important it is to meet data governance and compliance standards. But they prefer a simple, friction-free data experience. Joint Informatica + Microsoft customers — including Volvo, PepsiCo, Chubb Insurance and UK Export Finance — are achieving the goal of building an intelligent data enterprise that is seamless and compliant. Our combined technologies and data architecture framework are helping them every step of the way. Organizations across the globe have invested in AI/ML technologies from Informatica and Microsoft to help:

  • Modernize their platform
  • Address risk management with intelligence and analytics
  • Adhere to all the governance and compliance standards with agility

By moving from data source to data insight with the speed of SaaS, they can meet and exceed their business goals and gain a competitive edge.

Informatica IDMC on Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Resources

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First Published: Oct 12, 2022