How 7 Leading Brands Innovate Fearlessly with Cloud Data Management

Nov 10, 2021 |
Matthew King

Marketing Manager, Customer Storytelling

It’s no coincidence that today’s most innovative companies are also leading the way in data management. Nearly every company boasts about their investments in data and AI, but only a fraction of these companies are realizing the transformational outcomes they set out to achieve. 

Where do most teams stumble? Simply put, execution—the process of operationalizing the right data management technologies throughout your company. Without proper cataloging, governance, or cloud-ready integration, your team will lack the trusted data foundation necessary to power all your other innovative programs.

Key data management trends and challenges in 2021

Every year, the Informatica Innovation Awards recognizes companies that have cracked the code around intelligent disruption, using trusted data to improve operational efficiency, customer acquisition and retention, and top-level profit growth.

These stories span industries ranging from healthcare and telecom to digital media and financial services, and across our 2021 winners, we noticed a few common themes:

  1. Building data-driven cultures: Leading chief data officers are prioritizing data governance and self-service analytics as a means of driving adoption and rebuilding trust with business users, who still squander up to one-third of analysis time on manual data quality tasks.
  2. Improving customer-centricity: Whether your business is B2B or B2C, mobile-first or newly curbside, the only way to keep pace with evolving buyer journeys is to centralize your customer data, so you can deliver a seamless, personalized experience across every channel.
  3. Accelerating cloud modernization: With 9 in 10 companies competing primarily on customer experience, industry leaders are moving their data and applications to the cloud to do everything faster, from new client onboarding to payment processing to building AI models that predict what customers want next.

Let’s take a closer look to see how our 2021 winners put these principles into practice.

Bigger, better, faster: 7 winning data management strategies

From pandemic uncertainty to global supply chain shocks, the past year has been a never-ending exercise in adaptation. Our 2021 winners used AI-powered data management to learn quickly, pivot faster, and maintain clarity during confusing – and even historically unprecedented – situations.

Click through to see how these disruptors delivered transformative business outcomes.

Gain a competitive edge with smarter data management

If these stories inspired you to revisit your data strategy, you can check out the full 2021 Innovation Awards ebook or browse our customer story portal to find more real-world case studies from companies like yours.

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