How Customer Centricity Keeps Informatica Innovative

Last Published: Aug 16, 2023 |
Prash Chandramohan
Prash Chandramohan

Sr. Director, Product Marketing. MDM & 360 Applications

Think Customer First is woven into Informatica's mission statement

You have many options for who you pick as your technology partner. Today’s business landscape is complex, and the challenges you face these days are more complicated than ever. When you are choosing a vendor, you need a trusted advocate who supports you during the rugged paths you have to take as you drive your business towards success and have confidence that they will address your challenges and make your success a priority.

Here at Informatica, customer centricity is part of our core values, our culture, and our mission. “Think Customer First” is woven into our daily decisions that support our mission of accelerating your data-driven digital transformations. Our passion and investments have created waves of innovation for more than 25 years, achieved by setting audacious goals and helping businesses of all sizes around the globe unleash the power of their data. This relentless focus on customer success is why we were among the first vendors to jump in and participate when Gartner Peer Insights announced the Customer-First Program.

Gartner Peer Insights Customer First Program

So, what does it mean to be truly customer-first? As I’ve already mentioned, we believe that customer centricity is an essential value and requires a lot of demanding work and focused innovation. It also requires a bit of humility as we consistently engage our customers to get their honest and transparent feedback. We want to know, in the words of our customers, where we excel and where we have opportunities to improve—after all, your success IS our success. We use the feedback from our Gartner Peer Insights reviews to support product innovation and validate that our services meet and exceed client expectations. We encourage you and your colleagues to share your success on Gartner Peer Insights so others can learn from them.

We have also designed additional programs to connect our product management team with our customers, which I encourage you to participate and learn more about.

Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Meetings

CABs offer a unique opportunity for our customers to engage with the best and brightest of Informatica. You can talk to our subject matter experts, product managers, and product marketers. CAB meetings offer a great opportunity for you to dive into topics specific to products you use, get answers to your questions, and explore innovative solutions to your challenges.

Because CABs bring in your peers from other companies, they also represent a great opportunity to help you network and learn from one another’s’ experiences. We arrange CABs throughout the year and in different geographies. Designed to provide a comfortable, interactive environment that fosters collaboration and strategic thinking, Informatica CABs act as a catalyst for our product innovation and provide an opportunity to give direct feedback on our future product strategies. We listen to your requests for features and enhancements and address them in future releases.


Roundtables are another unique experience we offer to you during our annual customer event: Informatica World. At this year’s event, you can select from more than a hundred roundtable sessions spanning 27 topics to capture critical learnings about our product offerings. Hosted by our product management team, these forty-five-minute sessions showcase our latest product enhancements and demonstrations. Designed for small groups to encourage interaction and feedback, Roundtables are another way you can engage at a deeper level and discover practical uses for our solutions that you can apply right away.

User Groups

With well over 40 User Groups located in major cities throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, you can meet online or in-person with practitioners in your local area. Organized by Informatica customers, each local chapter meets at least twice a year, and offers members an opportunity to interact with one another and with Informatica representatives. User Groups are a terrific way to learn best practices, tips and tricks, and hear the latest on future trends in data management. We have also introduced Virtual User Group Chapters last year and added industry-specific groups.

Executive Briefing Center (EBC)

The EBC offers a high-touch experience about how Informatica empowers its customers to transform their businesses. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with our executive team and product experts, get exclusive insights into Informatica solutions, understand architectural challenges, and take a dive deep into product roadmaps and best practices. Our customers often arrive with questions and leave with the insights they need to drive innovation and competitive differentiation within their organization.

Informatica Social Media Channels

We’re proud of the Informatica MDM LinkedIn Group, and with good reason: it is the biggest master data management community run by a vendor on LinkedIn. With more than 6500 master data management peers (and more joining every day), the group offers you insights on the latest trends, customer success stories, upcoming events, and more.  Please feel free to join us any time by clicking this link. You can also engage with us on Twitter at @INFA _ MDM, or connect with us directly at @MDMGeek@monica1mullen@JenMcGinnChi@AntoniaRenner, and @DataStrategyMgt.

Being focused on data management, you understand how exciting and dynamic this moment in time is for everyone. We’re interested in being partnering with all of our customers as we journey along this path to redefining modern cloud-native solutions that will help propel your organization forward by leveraging data, cloud, and advancements in AI. Much like our launch of the Customer 360 SaaS solution earlier this year—a game-changer in customer experience—we will continue to bring new and cutting-edge solutions as we listen to your feedback. Our monthly releases will deliver continuous advancements and value to our customers.

The confidence that you have shown for Informatica throughout my six years with this company continues to inspire and humble me. Speaking on behalf of the entire Informatica team, we love to see you succeed and wholeheartedly cheer your success. We are also eager to learn more about your journey and any feedback you want to share with us. I hope you reach out and connect through one or more of the ways I’ve mentioned above. And if you need a bit of motivation, you can check out this eBook featuring many of our customers’ successes.


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First Published: Mar 30, 2021