How Informatica Puts Customers First

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Blake Morgan
Blake Morgan

Consumer Futurist and Author

In this post, guest blogger Blake Morgan, consumer futurist and author (“The Customer of the Future”), discusses the three key components of Informatica’s customer-centric approach.

putting customers first

In the competitive software space, customer experience makes all the difference. Many B2B companies limit their resources on customer experience, but Informatica knows focusing on customers sets the culture and values of an organization and can lead to big benefits. With a strong customer-focused culture, Informatica puts customers first in everything it does.

A staggering 85 of Fortune 100 companies use Informatica. The company offers powerful data management tools, but the tools alone aren’t enough to win in a market where price is a tactic still used by many of its competitors. What tips the scale in Informatica’s favor is a culture of customer centricity and its efforts to constantly connect with customers. Putting customers first happens in three main ways:

One: Innovation

Customers crave forward-thinking solutions driven by innovative technology. Informatica makes an effort to stay ahead of new technology to offer the best solutions to its clients. By tracking industry trends, Informatica can find what customers need most and proactively create resources to help their businesses thrive.

Informatica also prioritizes big data and leverages the vast amount of data available today through their AI-enabled Customer Support Portal. The Success Portal, a microlearning platform to help customers get to their business outcomes faster, delivers the right training content at the right time across Informatica products.

The Success Portal is a microlearning platform that offers training tools across multiple Informatica products. Through this portal, customers receive personalized content based on their role, products purchased, and journey/stage of their product lifecycle. That huge amount of data is powerful but can also be overwhelming, so Informatica helps customers work through their data in an accessible way, by focusing on the data pieces that are the most useful for each customer. Providing a comprehensive, scalable data management solution means continually innovating and customizing for each client.

“Informatica GCS (Global Customer Support) services offering is a model for emulation. Ease of documenting a case, workflow of remediation and the technical expertise makes this experience repeatable and enjoyable,” said an Application Manager for a leading online payments company.

Two: Feedback

Strong customer relationships aren’t just one-sided. They include feedback and regular communication with customers. Informatica listens and seeks out feedback from its customers and uses that information to improve its products. Because customers are the ones using the products daily, they often have the best insights and recommendations about improvements, and the Informatica team listens to their suggestions so they can implement the best ideas. Those feedback loops not only create a better product, but also strengthen customer relationships and build trust and loyalty.

As the Master Data Management Architect for a global oil and gas services company put it, “Informatica gave us the most capabilities with the best support and a platform that we could grow with as our MDM efforts mature. One of the things Informatica did that really made a big difference was assigning us a customer success manager who helped us escalate tickets that were critical to our functions. We quickly reached a point where we were very stable with the platform.”

Three: Personalized Relationships

At Informatica, customers aren’t just numbers. They are real clients with real, unique needs. A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. Instead, Informatica employees—at all levels—are encouraged to build real relationships with their customers so they can understand their goals and meet their needs in individualized ways. By having real conversations with customers, employees can recommend the right products and offer suggestions. Each customer requires a different suite of products and will use them differently; as a result, employees spend time with each client to help them get the most value out of the products for their needs. They also follow up regularly to answer questions and check in as business needs change, and as Informatica solutions and the customer’s business evolves. Employees keep communication lines open so that customers are always understanding and gaining the full benefit of the products.

Informatica also brings customers together for live and virtual events throughout the year, including the annual CX VIP Summit. The goal at these events is to build in-person relationships, to provide thought leadership, to network, and learn from innovators. Informatica is dedicated to the overall success of each customer, not just what happens when they use Informatica products. By connecting customers to each other and to leaders across numerous industries, Informatica creates a powerful community and provides its customers with the resources they need to succeed in all areas of their businesses.

Technology and data play crucial roles in modern companies, changing how the game is being played and won, and B2B customers have come to expect an innovative and personalized approach to data management and software. Informatica stays ahead of the competition and strengthens its customer-centric culture by constantly innovating. The company balances technology with personalized human interactions to create great experiences. At Informatica, putting the customer first is just how business is done, and the result is an innovative and customer-centric company.

If you want to hear more, you can listen to Blake’s discussion with Ansa Sekharan, Informatica’s Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer.


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