How to Move from PowerCenter to the Cloud Faster with Self-Service Capabilities

Last Published: Oct 04, 2023 |
Pratik Parekh
Pratik Parekh

SVP Products and General Manager 

Enterprises today can hit roadblocks on their modernization journeys in the form of legacy technology, data silos and risk management. These roadblocks can greatly delay their modernization projects or derail them completely. Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) significantly simplifies data management across both cloud and on-premises environments with a comprehensive set of capabilities.

Last week at Informatica World, we made many announcements about new innovations in IDMC to help enterprises simplify data management and accelerate cloud modernization initiatives. Specifically, we announced new services and self-service capabilities designed to accelerate our customers’ modernization journey from PowerCenter to IDMC while significantly lowering modernization cost, time and risk.

Accelerating Cloud Modernization with CDI for PowerCenter

Informatica has introduced a Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter (CDI-PC) service, adding full PowerCenter compatibility to its cloud integration service. CDI-PC will enable you to run PowerCenter workloads without needing metadata or business logic migration. CDI-PC enables you to centrally manage and monitor your cloud and hybrid runtime environment on a single IDMC pane. You benefit immensely from automated updates and real-time security fixes, ensuring your critical data and integration infrastructure is secure and up to date.

In conjunction with CDI-PC, the release of our self-service PC2CDI Modernization Service will empower you to adopt industry-leading, cloud-native capabilities and also eliminate the risk of manual migration with automation, allowing faster time to value at a significant cost reduction.

The CDI-PC and PC2CDI Modernization services will enable you to:

  • Modernize PowerCenter to the cloud up to six times faster: Experience a faster time to value by running PowerCenter workloads “as is,” without the need for metadata or business logic migration. You can further speed up your modernization by leveraging pattern recognition and intelligent automation. Plus, you can enable agility by improving developer productivity and operational efficiency in the cloud in the process.
  • Reuse 100% of PowerCenter artifacts and assets in the cloud: Don’t stress about losing assets, resources or insights from your business logic that you’ve built up over the years. And eliminate the risks associated with undergoing a manual migration. Instead, modernize in an iterative and phased manner, driven by your business priorities.
  • Realize up to 20 times anticipated cost savings: PC2Cloud Modernization self-serve automates the migration of over 90% of PowerCenter assets to cloud-native services. Moving away from PowerCenter enables you to save up to millions of dollars by eliminating upgrades, administration overhead, patching and maintenance.
  • Modernize at a flexible, self-directed pace: Transition your PowerCenter assets to cloud artifacts at your own pace, in iterations or phases depending on your business priorities, budget and resources. This will enable you to gain confidence and discover best practices and pitfalls. You can use these insights from initial results to inform later phases.
  • Leverage cloud benefits: As you free up your scarce resources, you can redirect them from PowerCenter maintenance to focus on strategic projects. And as you take on more, you can use any IDMC cloud-native services with consumption-based pricing to fully leverage cloud benefits.
  • Experience a unified interface and automated updates: Manage and monitor both on-premises and cloud environments from a single, centralized panel. And you benefit immensely from automated updates and real-time security fixes, ensuring their critical data and integration infrastructure is secure and up to date.
  • Validate and test data faster: Use Cloud Data Validation capabilities to rapidly identify data anomalies — such as missing records, unmatched records or extra records — and validate metadata conversion accuracy at the data level. This significantly reduces testing time and allows for faster time to production for migration projects.

As we release these new services, we are thrilled to hear the excitement from our customers. Rudi Dias, Director, Data Management and Data as a Service, Point32Health, said, “CDI-PC is a great addition to the Informatica Modernization Program. It provides us the flexibility to modernize at our own pace while significantly reducing risks and accelerating time to value. We are exploring projects we can include in our ongoing modernization initiative.”

Next Steps

CDI-PC and the PC2CDI Modernization service will be available for PowerCenter customers in the second half of 2023. Sign up for a private preview of CDI-PC here.

First Published: May 15, 2023