Informatica Announces Controller and Processor Binding Corporate Rules Now Approved and Integrated into Company Operations

Last Published: Jan 11, 2024 |
Joseph Bracken
Joseph Bracken

Deputy General Counsel, Head of Privacy

Informatica is proud to announce that our Controller and Processor Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) have been approved and are now integrated into our operations.  

The BCRs constitute our formal commitment to a detailed set of privacy policies and practices throughout the Informatica group of companies. The Ireland Data Protection Commission led a review of these policies and practices, including our adherence to the GDPR data protection principles, our implementation of data protection by design, how we honor data subject rights and how we conduct transfers of personal data. The Controller BCRs cover Informatica’s privacy program for personal data relating to our employees and business contacts. The Processor BCRs cover our privacy program for personal data that we process on behalf of our customers. The successful approval of our BCRs indicates recognition of Informatica as one of the international organizations most committed to the robust and rigorous protection of personal data. 

The BCRs will facilitate transfer of personal data through the Informatica enterprise. Customers can rely on the Processor BCRs for the transfer of their data and can be confident that it will be protected in accordance with practices that have been vetted by the European data protection supervisory authorities. BCRs may be preferred by customers following developments in European data transfer law.  

Informatica applied for BCRs as we were confident in the thoroughness of our approach to data privacy, and this approval is a strong validation of that belief. This does not, however, mean that our privacy program is complete or that we don’t always have more to be accomplished. We will continue to seek to raise our standards and improve our performance, just as we will continue to adapt to new laws and regulations, industry practices and customer expectations. 

Please see Informatica’s Trust Center for more information about our approach to data protection. You can find the BCRs at

Reach out to with any questions about these Binding Corporate Rules.

First Published: Dec 01, 2023