Informatica iPaaS + Google Cloud's Apigee: API-Driven Digital Transformation for Your Data and Business Processes

Last Published: Dec 23, 2021 |
Ronen Schwartz
Ronen Schwartz

Massimo Pezzini, VP and Gartner Fellow recently said, and I quote, “The provider that controls the cloud integration layer, can understand its customers’ business processes, better than the customers themselves.”* As the leading iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) vendor in the market, Informatica takes its responsibility very seriously. Enabling our customers to focus on their business and ensuring that we provide them with the best of breed infrastructure is a top priority for us. Today we continue to advance that cause with our partnership with the full lifecycle API Management leader, Apigee, the Google Cloud owned API Management platform.

Informatica iPaaSMany digital transformation initiatives focus on developing APIs. Those overseeing these initiatives quickly realize that the data, process, and application services needing to be exposed via APIs are unreachable and that they need integration capabilities. In the absence of an iPaaS, enterprises either stretch their API platforms to solve for integration needs or they stretch their legacy ESB-based solutions. Neither meets business needs. These approaches are simply too expensive, rigid, and require very specialized technical skills, locking out many within the organization who could otherwise participate in business transformation initiatives. 

Combining end-to-end API lifecycle management with robust integration capabilities and the simplicity of a modern iPaaS, delivers a comprehensive, integrated solution to our customers. We believe that this will help accelerate our customers’ journey to become a modern, connected, digital business. Informatica is proud to partner with Apigee, to bring to market a solution that is unmatched in the industry. This partnership will allow organizations to quickly leverage data and applications that are deployed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, creating a continuously-connected business that drives enterprise-wide agility and innovation.

With our partnership, enterprises can simply incorporate pre-built connectors to hundreds of applications while leveraging a wizard to build an integration in a few steps or define complex business processes with advanced logic. Customers can expose their business processes or data as managed APIs for business applications, partners, or monetization. With choices like these, enterprises can accelerate the pace of their digital transformation and, as a result, become stronger digital competitors. 

This partnership between Google Apigee and Informatica goes deeper than just a business relationship. The product level integrations delivered as a part of the joint solution, Informatica Integration Cloud for Apigee, automates the promotion of Informatica business integration processes and data as secure, managed API endpoints to Apigee Edge. It also makes it simple for API developers within Apigee Edge to discover Informatica business integration data and processes that they can incorporate with a few clicks.


Figure 1: Automatically publish Informatica business integration data and processes as secure, managed API endpoints to Apigee Edge


Figure 2: Quickly build secure API proxies by automatically discovering Informatica business integration data and processes

With Informatica Integration Cloud for Apigee,

  1. Customers can innovate with data leveraging broad, advanced connectivity and with metadata-driven integration that easily discovers relevant data and increases agility. Now they can monetize business assets by building, managing, and securing APIs to any process, any app, any data, anywhere.

  2. Developing and managing complex APIs and data/application integration is simpler than ever before, with zero coding:
  • Point to any data and make it an API with the click of a button
  • Integrate and orchestrate business processes with a simple, wizard-driven drag and drop designer
  • Leverage out-of-the-box connectivity to hundreds of applications and data stores
  • Unlock monetization opportunities by publishing APIs via developer portal

We invite you to get more details on this partnership by reviewing our press release and take a look at the Google Cloud Platform blog that discusses how API developers can have a greater business impact with our partnership. 

And if you are attending Google Cloud Next '18 in San Francisco from July 24–26, please attend the following sessions for further details on our partnership.

  1. Accelerate Your API-First Strategy: Integrating Enterprise Apps and Data with APIs, Thursday, July 26th, 11:40am – 12:30pm – This session includes a demo of our new, joint offering.
  2. Empowering Businesses Through Modern Application Interfaces, a partner focused-session, Monday, July 23rd, 3:00pm – 3:45pm.


*Source: Massimo Pezzini quote in LinkedIn, March 2018

First Published: Jul 15, 2018