XaaS Transformation: Reborn in the Cloud

Last Published: Feb 17, 2023 |
Ansa Sekharan
Ansa Sekharan

Chief Customer Officer

Informatica is a rare case study of a public tech company going private and then becoming public once again, in the process successfully transforming from an on-premises software company to a SaaS cloud provider.

This paper visits key milestones in Informatica’s XaaS (Technology-as-a-Service) transformation journey. Each milestone will be described with previously published TSIA content. The key workstreams covered in this case study include:

  • Revenue Transformation
  • XaaS Workstreams
  • Organizing for Success
  • XaaS GTM Offerings
  • Establishing Customer Success

I had the honor to co-author the paper with Thomas Lah, Technology and Services Industry Association (TSIA) Executive Director and Executive Vice President (http://www.tsia.com).

This case study will also cover opportunities and challenges related to:

  • Reengineering the customer engagement model to support and grow recurring revenues
  • Building new value propositions based on new XaaS capabilities
  • Making the cultural shift needed for your transformation
  • Differentiating from the competition — pivoting resources (both products and services) from legacy offers
  • Taking a data-driven approach to understanding adoption, customers usage patterns and identifying new opportunities for growth

Read the complete XaaS Transformation case study by TSIA and Informatica about our transformation to the cloud here.

First Published: Dec 20, 2022