Recognizing Data Engineering Excellence: 2023 Award Winners

Data Engineering as A Pivotal Force in Today's AI Era

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Pratik Parekh
Pratik Parekh

SVP Products and General Manager 

Data engineering plays a pivotal role in today's digital era, serving as the backbone of the modern tech landscape. It lays the foundation for data-driven decision making, enabling businesses to harness the power of their data. This not only fuels AI and machine learning advancements but also empowers organizations to make strategic decisions, enhance customer experiences and gain a competitive edge. While the technology landscape is in a state of constant evolution that poses challenges for our customers, through such challenges emerge inspiring stories that we celebrate through our data engineering excellence awards.

Celebrating Innovation: Introducing Our Data Engineering Excellence Award

With so many inspiring stories, we are honored to share, recognize and commemorate our customers’ successes through Informatica Data Engineering Excellence Awards. These awards acknowledge the most exceptional achievements and inventive advancements made by our customers in the field of data engineering.

Data Engineering Excellence Awards 2023 highlight the most compelling customer stories in three categories across the world:

  • AI and Automation: This award celebrates trailblazers using data engineering to deliver trusted data for AI-driven innovations. ​
  • Cloud Cost Optimization: This award recognizes trendsetters who boost scalability, performance and agility through outstanding cloud cost optimization​.
  • Rapid Pipeline Development: This award honors innovators who accelerate deployment and streamline the data process through efficient pipelines and architectural innovation.

We received many submissions that showcased the true art of the possible in data engineering. While we appreciate all the submissions across three categories, we had to select a winner and an honoree in each category based on the stories that stood out from the rest.

And the 2023 Data Engineering Excellence Awards Go to...

AI and Automation Award

Winner: Liberty Seguros

Liberty Seguros, an international subsidiary of a top insurance firm, significantly optimized its operations, reduced time to deliver value to business by more than 50%, cut ingestion operational costs by 80% and slashed platform engineering costs by half. Moreover, it executed projects using 30% fewer resources. These measures ensured its transformation into a fully data-driven company to use AI as a key change agent. This success was achieved through mass data ingestion, data integration, data quality and governance and efficient cataloging.

Honoree: Amylyx

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, biopharmaceutical company Amylyx automated its manual processes, improved the quality of data used across the business and provided an integrated and unified view of the enterprise data to business consumers and decision-makers to support their analytics initiative.

Cloud Cost Optimization Award 

Winner: Takeda

Takeda is a global, research-oriented pharmaceutical company that has successfully streamlined its operations to the cloud, transitioning from PowerCenter (PC) to Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC). The company significantly reduced its integration vendors from eight to two, including Informatica, and minimized its data centers from twelve to three. Takeda also simplified its contract management, going from 13 contracts to just five, resulting in a single annual invoice. The final 10% of PC jobs were retired as part of the modernization efforts. 

Honoree: DFW

DFW, one of the world's busiest airports, effectively reduced its overall IT expenditure and processing costs, while gaining operational flexibility. The transition from PC to IDMC and the utilization of Cloud Data Integration (CDI), Cloud Application Integration (CAI) and data quality tools enabled the airport to provide accurate data to its internal operational teams, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Rapid Pipeline Development Award 

Winner: Virginia Credit Union 

Renowned financial services company, Virginia Credit Union, transitioned PC workloads to the cloud. This approach expedited data loading into datamarts and historical repositories leveraging the Informatica PC modernization program in conjunction with CDI and Cloud Data Governance and Catalog (CDGC). This facilitated quicker statistical analysis, enabling faster real-time decision-making.

Honoree: NRMA

NRMA is an Australian organization offering roadside assistance, motoring advice, travel and other services. To enhance its overall customer experience, the company implemented data-driven strategies by modernizing its integration systems, which led to improved efficiencies and the elimination of manual interventions. With Informatica CDI, CCDQ and CAI services, NRMA optimized data integration and synchronization, resulting in enhanced data accuracy and increased campaign efficiency.

Our Sincere Thank You

We extend our heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to all the winners and honorees of the 2023 Data Engineering Excellence Awards. Your innovative approach and tireless dedication to the field of data engineering are setting new benchmarks in the industry. We also want to express our gratitude to everyone who submitted entries; your participation has contributed to the success of these awards.

As we close this chapter, we look forward to the 2024 Data Engineering Excellence Awards. We anticipate even more inspiring stories of innovation, resilience and excellence that continue to shape the future of data engineering. Until then, let's continue to innovate, inspire and lead the way in this exciting field.

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