Simple, Fast, Smart Data Integration for Everyone with Cloud Data Integration-Free

Last Published: Jul 15, 2024 |
Sudipta Datta
Sudipta Datta

Product Marketing Manager

As you start your analytics project, an initial investigation into your data plays an essential role. Before you can start analysis, you need to first understand your data and determine how it is accessible across systems. When you list the activities involved in preparing your data for analysis, data integration will undoubtedly be at the top. 

The approach you take to integrate (process) your data can highly impact the success of your analytics initiatives. And while IT continues to play a key role, departments such as marketing, sales, R&D, etc. across your business increasingly want control of the data and its outcomes. For example, according to a 2022 study, 54% of marketing operations professionals mentioned, “developing and implementing software or system integrations/management” as part of their primary job responsibility.

Often, data analysts, marketing and sales operations data practitioners, and data engineers are bogged down by the overwhelming complexities of connecting data and making it fit for consumption. As a solution, you might use open-source or stand-alone tools that are not reliable and support only one out of the myriads of your data use cases and only if your team has the technical chops and bandwidth to use these. As a result, you may end up coding to integrate the technologies themselves. This might work in the short term, but the technical debt you will accrue will be unmanageable.

Within large enterprises, you have the option to raise a ticket for your integration needs, and someone in the central IT team will select a solution for you. The solution might be reliable with all the governance and security measures in place, but the time it takes can delay, or — even worse — derail your analytics project. Moreover, the central IT team may concentrate only on technicalities and processes instead of relating to the functional need of the data you seek, which means you may not get the optimum data pipeline. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could do it yourself?

Announcing Cloud Data Integration-Free

We listened to you, heard your pain points, and designed a simple tool to address your need for a free, fast, frictionless SaaS data integration solution. That’s why we’re introducing Cloud Data Integration-Free (CDI-Free).

With CDI-Free, you can start with simple data integration jobs and modify your data pipeline as you work through your analytics project. Then, as you gather enough motivation to convert one of your pilot projects into a big, production-ready project, you can scale your data integration needs accordingly. 

Start with CDI-Free to cover the basics and establish your best practices. Once you are satisfied with the data pipeline performance, it’s time to scale. Under this cloud-only, consumption-driven model, you get to start with a minimal viable product (MVP). Then, when you have grown and reached the cut-off, you will pay by simply using your credit card based on what you have consumed.

If, in future, you have the need to do much more than simple data integration — such as monitor and improve data quality, govern data access, maintain a data catalog, or stand up a data marketplace — fret not! You can leverage Informatica’s comprehensive, enterprise-scale intelligent data management cloud to do all that and more. 

CDI-Free offers a simple, intuitive and wizard-based GUI that doesn’t require much technical knowledge. The tools are born out of time-tested and proven data integration solutions from Informatica, used by Fortune 500 companies for several decades. Here are a few capabilities that will help you start on day one: 

  • Fast: Zero-code, zero-setup with ability to build data pipelines in minutes with 3 simple steps.
  • Free: Start free.
  • Smart and proven: AI-powered automation, support for multi-cloud and any type of data. Secure, enterprise-grade, self-serve cloud data integration.

Paving the Path for Your Data Integration Journey

In May 2022, we announced Informatica Data Loader. With Data Loader, you can load billions of rows of any data in minutes. What’s more, you can use Data Loader for free, forever. The simple, wizard-driven experience makes it easy to learn, with zero setup, zero DevOps, and zero code. That’s your first setup when you need to simply move your data from one system to another. 

But what if you need to modify or transform your data as you move it? 

Use CDI-Free in the same platform and start transforming your data, too. It allows data processing of up to 20M rows or 10 compute hours monthly, at no charge. You get in-product support in form of “how-to” videos, live-chat, pre-built templates for popular transformations, as well as community support. You also get additional benefits of processing of data as much data as you want, compliance coverage, and Informatica support. The experience of going from Data Loader to CDI-Free is seamless, and it all occurs inside the same platform.

Key Benefits of CDI-Free

With CDI-Free, you can:

  • Eliminate budget concerns with the free option
  • Unburden IT with a self-serve, no-code, wizard-driven experience 
  • Save time with zero install, zero setup and zero DevOps
  • Enjoy out-of-the-box support for all major cloud data warehouses and many data sources
  • Enjoy seamless, one-click upgrade to a pay-as-you-go option for large-scale data processing, compliance protection and award-winning customer support
  • Get started with no pre-commit needed. Pay with a credit card on a per-row basis. 

For more details on CDI-Free benefits and features:

  1. Download this datasheet if you are an IT data practitioner

Say goodbye to data complexity and cost and say hello to data clarity and control. 

Get started with CDI-Free today., State of the Marketing Ops Professional, 2022.

First Published: Feb 28, 2023