Three Reasons to Celebrate Informatica’s Customer 360 SaaS

Last Published: Oct 07, 2021 |
Manouj Tahiliani
Manouj Tahiliani

SVP and GM, MDM & 360 Applications

As we kick off the much-anticipated start of 2021, I am excited to share Informatica’s latest game-changing innovation: Customer 360 Software as a Service (SaaS). Leveraging more than 25 years of experience and innovation, we are redefining the capabilities of modern MDM with an all-in-one approach while maintaining the comprehensiveness and power that made us the leader in master data management.

The solution, which became generally available December 19, 2020, provides customer data management capabilities needed to build an efficient foundation for discovery, operations, insights, and analytics that drive smoother, personalized, authentic, and relevant customer engagement. As digitization impacts companies of every size, we are introducing simple, predictable, consumption-based pricing to fit any budget.

Here are three reasons to celebrate Customer 360 SaaS: 

  1. Most Modern MDM 
    Industry’s only all-in-one MDM with CLAIRE powered AI/ML in multi-tenant, microservices-based, SaaS environment that is responsive, massively scalable, and fault tolerant and includes connectivity, integration, orchestration, data quality, and reference data management to make an MDM project successful within a single solution. 

  2. Fast Deployment and Lower Cost of Ownership 
    Fast to deploy and easy to use via completely redesigned user interface to improve productivity with self-service mastering, guided workflows, search, and navigation of relationships to get up and running in clicks instead of months. 

  3. Greater and Rapid Business Value
    Easy to scale with elastic scalability to manage exponential data growth and quickly address business needs, including improving customer acquisition and experience, increasing share of wallet and retention, and powering advanced analytics. 

Customer experience is constantly evolving with new touchpoints and engagement models compounding existing data fragmentation challenges. Data is siloed across a heterogeneous architecture and technology landscape resulting in a fragmented view of customer. With an all-in-one approach, Informatica is making it easy to procure, implement, manage and use customer data via a trusted, multi-tenant cloud environment. 

SaaS has been around for some time; however, all SaaS solutions are not created equal. We leveraged game changing technologies like cloud-native computing, AI/ML, and graph technologies as design principles to build the most modern Customer 360 SaaS solution.  

Customer 360 powers customer-centric use cases including streamlined customer on-boarding, application modernization, and improved customer engagement across any channel. Features of the solution include: 

  • Modern User Experience provides a business-friendly, intuitive user experience preconfigured for simplicity with a refreshed visual design and component-based framework to facilitate easy customization, creation of dashboards, and a drag and drop designer tool 
  • Flexible and modular microservices architecture for scalability and upgradeability 
  • Built-in smarts and orchestration with AI driven data matching, smart fields (content aware data types), plus built-in orchestration, with Informatica Cloud Application Integration providing a common business process orchestration layer across master data management, reference data management, data quality and, in 2021, data governance 
  • Embedded iPaaS using Informatica’s best-in-class enterprise integration for data onboarding at any latency and the industry’s highest number of security certifications including SOC2,SOC3, HIPAA, HITECH, and more 
  • Monthly releases enabled by significant investments in DevOpswith versioned metadata for safe upgrades, backed by rigorous automated testing 
  • Simplifiedconsumption-based pricing and packaging includes everything needed to implement an MDM system, in a simple bundle for every budget 

Customer 360 SaaS exemplifies the art of the possible in midst of extraordinary circumstances. The Informatica team worked side-by-side (virtually) on this groundbreaking release that will help organizations gain a better understanding of their customers while benefiting from the flexibility, reliability, and extensibility of a cloud platform approach. 

To learn more, join me at Informatica’s Customer 360 Summit to hear from product experts, Informatica clients and industry leaders.  Watch the on-demand session now. 

First Published: Jan 10, 2021