“We Code” Informatica India Diversity Codeathon 2021

Announcing the top 10 women coders for Informatica India Diversity Codeathon Challenge 2021

Last Published: Oct 18, 2021 |
Indranil Mukherjee
Indranil Mukherjee

Manager, Internal Communications

Diversity drives innovation and is achieved when we collaborate with people of different backgrounds, demographics, experience, and perspectives. This concept was the driving force behind “We Code,” our Diversity Codeathon at Informatica India. A first-of-its-kind competition, we were looking for women coders to join our diverse teammates in making a global impact on our customers' data-driven digital transformation journey.


Informatica sponsored the Codeathon to highlight great talent and to showcase individual experiences through a series of “Women in Tech” stories. We designed a 45-day competition with two challenge rounds. During Round 1, 600+ participants went through a “Simple-to-Complex” coding challenge. The panel then selected 41 women coders who successfully qualified for Round 2, which focused on a “Complex- to-Tough” coding challenge. Finally, 10 finalists emerged as winners of the Codeathon Challenge 2021, and several have joined the Informatica India team!


Speaking about her experience, Ayushi Dwivedi, one of the winners, said, “I came to know about this challenge from LinkedIn and instantly grabbed this opportunity, as I love coding. My experience has been fabulous. An exclusive, women-centric Codeathon is a wonderful platform for young coders like me who learn, live, and breathe coding every day. I used my current on-the-job knowledge that helped me immensely to make it to the top 10. I am thankful to Informatica for such an opportunity. I congratulate other women coders as wll who made it to the top 10 list.”


In September 2021, Informatica organized a virtual felicitation ceremony to recognize these top 10 women coders. The winners were saluted by the Informatica India Leadership Team: Erin Andre, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer; Krishna Narasimhan, MD, Informatica India & GVP GCS; Grace Samson, HR Head, Informatica India; and Jeremy Bushaw, VP, Recruiting.


Here is the complete list of winners:

Tech experts say that the gender gap needs to be reduced in technology in India. At Informatica, we know diversity drives innovation. We also believe that events like the Codeathon will nurture inclusion, equality, and a deep sense of belonging and help bridge the gender gap by building a community of exceptional, innovative women coders to thrive and lead the way for others.


The sky is the limit to explore in the world of #DATA. At Informatica, we welcome the brightest minds of our industry to join our diverse group of people who have been transforming customers’ data from binary information to extraordinary innovation for more than 25 years.


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First Published: Oct 11, 2021