What Does It Take to Scale Your Data Governance Program with Confidence?

How Successful CDOs Manage Risks and Improve Insights with Modern Data Governance

Last Published: Jul 19, 2023 |
Nathan Turajski
Nathan Turajski

Senior Director, Product Marketing

For the last several years, organizations have invested in digital transformation to become data-driven, unleashing the power of data intelligence across the organization. And today, data governance is front and center for CDOs as they prioritize delivering high-quality data to those who depend on trustworthy data for analytics, customer insights and more.

But how can organizations efficiently scale using outdated methods to find, trust, understand and access data?


Figure 1. Digital business operations require trusted data – data governance is a top priority.
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A modern data governance approach is needed to realize the value of data spread across your organization, unleash its potential for new insights and scale data use for future growth.

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From Risk and Compliance to Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making

Historically, data governance leaders aimed to lower data risks and conform with regulatory compliance policies. But that goal has evolved as an appetite developed to increase data literacy and make trusted data a foundation of business processes and improved decision-making.

Today’s organizations succeed in digital transformation by balancing the need for lower risk while fueling modern data-hungry applications. But to reach the next level and scale digital business, organizations are now focusing on accelerating data pipelines and analytics. So, what’s missing and what’s next?

Data observability is critical for any business to grow and operate more reliably with data to ensure accurate, trusted and relevant business results. Let’s consider how it all comes together to enable modern data governance.


Figure 2. Data observability, risk and compliance and data sharing for analytics drive today’s digital businesses.

In the New Era of Modern Data Governance, Automation Is Key

You need to be able to rely on automation to quickly identify and fix data quality issues and anomalies through data observability – and apply best practices to measure against compliance standards and performance expectations. Increased use of AI and automation is more critical than ever to deliver high-quality, trusted data to business users more efficiently. Democratizing and sharing data effectively allows all parts of the business and enterprise to be data driven.

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A modern data governance architecture with data observability enables you to govern how data is used across your organization and improve data flow while maintaining quality, accuracy and security. This helps to ensure that data remains trustworthy and can help deliver different views of your data pipelines for technical, business and governance teams. Data observability is the link that allows your organization to scale.

Modern Data Governance Powered by the CLAIRE AI Engine

Data observability is the last piece of a complete modern data governance solution that can help you scale and grow your business and operationalize trusted data for your organization.


Figure 3. Managing risk and compliance, trusted data sharing and data observability enable scale-driven outcomes.

As demands to utilize more diverse data to drive business outcomes grow, operating at scale means that automation that brings transparency must be at the heart of a modern approach.

Satisfying risk and compliance objectives, enabling analytics with trusted data sharing and operationalizing and visualizing your data estate are all equally important to meet the demands of enterprises expected to be data driven. And automation enables your success — at scale.

CLAIRE – the AI brainpower behind modern data governance automation

Informatica enables modern data governance in the cloud, underpinned by AI on the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), with our industry-proven and market-leading CLAIRE AI engine. We built a cloud-native, AI-augmented solution that harnesses 23 petabytes (and growing) of active metadata, powering more than 53 trillion monthly transactions.

When you put that kind of brainpower to work for you, you enable your business to thrive with data while minimizing the friction of manual data curation and similar management tasks. Some benefits of CLAIRE innovation include the following:

  • Auto classification of data can save you hours of manual effort by automatically creating and assigning classes, such as sensitive data types.
  • Inferred relationships and lineage allow you to visualize how data is associated across the enterprise from continually expanding data sources and targets.
  • Automatic data quality rule generation allows you to create and augment data quality rules through AI-driven insights that can recommend new rules to automate in place.

Cloud-native and agile, the CLAIRE intelligent AI engine offers a variety of automation options, including recommendations for data sourcing and data mapping. The heart of the AI engine is the metadata that feeds CLAIRE. It allows it to adjust and better understand your data over time for more intelligent decision-making and trusted outcomes.

Today’s organizations depend on automation and AI to scale data-driven business outcomes effectively and generate value from data. We invite you to discover the next chapter of modern data governance by joining us on July 27th at 9 am PDT / 12 pm EDT to learn from industry experts about how modern data governance can enable you to scale your digital business faster.

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First Published: Jul 19, 2023