Saudia Airlines Transforms with Informatica

Saudia Airlines, part of Saudia Group, partners with Informatica to embrace digital transformation, enhance operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Informatica IDMC was selected to support the Vision 2030 Initiative to drive collaboration, enable innovation and support compliance.

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Abdulgader Attiah: Saudia Group consists of 12 companies, five airlines, and seven subsidiaries. The five airlines are Saudia airline which was founded 77 years ago.

Flyadeal, which is a low-cost carrier founded almost five years ago and Saudia Cargo which was originally Saudia Airline and then we have spinned it off to make it a Cargo company by itself.

And we have Saudi Private and Saudi Royal and then we have seven subsidiaries which completes the picture for the group such as the Saudi Technic, which is the MRO company.

Saudi Academy, which provides the flight academy and then other domains such as the real estates aviation sector is one of the most complex sectors in the world.

And when we talk about digital transformation in the airline industry is a big challenge.

But we took it as our biggest opportunity. We started our most ambitious program that will transform both customer experience and operations and data is in the heart of it.

Fahad Alhulais: Saudia strives to create a culture of innovation and digital transformation which positions data at the core of business strategy.

Saudia believe in the 4 E's in any data culture engage in data, educate everyone, eliminate data blockers and enable front line actions by considering the business strategy and data landscape of Saudia which includes Data integration, Data quality MDM Data governance and the orchestration of all of that.

Informatica brings broader and native connectors with most of the market-leading source systems In addition to that.

Informatica covers all areas of data management. The main challenge Saudia encountered when we started this long journey is having an all in one complete platform that can manage govern and process high flux of data coming from all different types of Saudia ecosystems whether in batch or in real time.

Informatica made that a reality which enabled Saudia to overcome the technical challenges and building data capabilities that plays a pivotal role in addressing business future demands.

Yaser Alomar: Our objective is to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time and secure.

By having the right tools Saudia Group will be able to build their data management capabilities improve their data quality and have clear data classification and ownership that will result in better business decisions.

Enhanced business processes and most importantly compliance to the local and international regulations.

Abdulgader Attiah: Vision 2030 is our inspiration and serves as the roadmap for us. We are connecting and collaborating with all the stakeholders like never before.

Saudia will be the enabler for the aviation strategy and the Wings of Vision 2030.

Today, we are proud to start showcasing our Digital customer experience that is completely running our decoupled environment a newly introduced data platform and Informatica is playing a pivotal role in our digital platform by providing trusted, reliable, accurate data.

Saudi airline just announced a travel companion which is one of the first ChatGPT4 base for personal assistant in the airlines globally and Informatica Data Management Cloud is the bridge for this initiative by bringing Data AI to life.

Our partnership with Informatica is very strategic and our unified data platform is a key differentiator in the industry we believe Informatica will help us advance our capabilities in the future.

"Saudia Airlines just announced a travel companion, which is one of the first ChatGPT4 based personal assistants in the airlines globally and Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud is the bridge for this initiative by bringing Data AI to life."

Abdulgader Attiah


Build a modern data platform that will transform both customer experience and operations.


Leverage Informatica IDMC as a comprehensive data management solution to engage in data, educate everyone, eliminate data blockers and enable frontline actions.


Saudia Airlines can showcase a customer exoerience built on a comprehensive AI-powered platform. This includes a travel companion, which is one of the first ChatGPT4-based personal assistants in the airlines globally.

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