Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners

Unleash more value from your data with deep metadata extraction and lineage

Automatically extract the most granular metadata

Most enterprises struggle to extract value from their data. Often the data is trapped and siloed—difficult to access and even harder to understand. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners remove these hurdles by allowing you to rapidly scan and extract comprehensive metadata from a wide range of complex data sources including legacy and mainframe systems, complex enterprise applications, multi-vendor ETL tools, and scripting languages.


Intelligently track data with end-to-end lineage

Extracting metadata and tracking data dependencies across data sources gives you a more complete understanding of data lineage—a key element of any digital transformation initiative. With the Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners, you can now visually inspect every script and procedure to fully understand its logic and internal data flow. Obtain detailed data lineage and understand every transformation that occurred to the data across sources.


Gain visibility across complex enterprise systems

Enterprise applications such as SAP BW, SAP BW/4HANA, and others, do not provide easily shareable descriptions of internal storage, transformations, and relationships. With the Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners you can extract metadata, lineage, and relationships in data at a granular level.

Leverage wide support for multi-vendor ETL tools

Our advanced scanners allow you to extract metadata and lineage information from multiple ETL tools—not just Informatica data integration products—including IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, and Oracle Data Integrator. You can easily visualize all components in an ETL job and gain quick visibility into every transformation being applied to the data from source to target.

Speed metadata extraction from stored procedures and SQL dialects

Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners enable you to extract detailed data lineage from a variety of SQL dialects at scale, including stored procedures for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Netezza, MySQL, Teradata, and more. You can scan both static and dynamic code as well as perform language parsing to obtain automated data lineage.


Eliminate the “black box” effect from legacy and mainframe systems

Custom applications developed on scripts and codes, including legacy and mainframe systems built on COBOL, are often considered to be “black boxes.” Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners eliminate this issue by delivering a complete view of data lineage for your legacy and mainframe assets. The scanners include support for standard mainframe utilities for end-to-end data flow analysis, giving you greater transparency and manageability.

Easily extract custom content and code at scale

For many enterprises, a significant portion of their data resides in proprietary solutions, including custom code and content in relational databases; JSON, XML, and CSV files; manual source-to-target mappings; and thousands of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Custom Metadata Loader allows you to easily surface and extract custom code and custom content—including metadata and detailed data lineage—from these data sources.