Fraud Mitigation

Detect and mitigate utilities fraud by identifying problems faster with trusted analytics.

Energy fraud can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Industry research indicates that utilities lose up to 5 percent of their revenue annually to non-technical loss, including energy theft and fraud.

To combat fraud, you first need to find it. Analytics solutions are the answer. But granular and trusted analytics require trusted and related account, meter, and transformer records in order to run normalized, historical, and comparative pulse analysis.

Leveraging the Grid Health 360 solution, built by Pacific Data Integrators and powered by the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, operators can compare a trusted set of meter data, transformer data, and normalized pulse feeds to detect fraudulent behavior and create required mitigation strategies for affected accounts.

Grid Health 360 offers:

  • Accurate asset information, validated by Informatica Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Fraud detection via the comparison of transformer usage to the sum of the meter usages
  • Updating experimental results in real time to avoid unnecessary duplication
  • Correlation of usage discrepancies from problem or miscalibrated meters with installers