Load & Demand Planning

Use trusted, accurate data to detect and assess distributed energy resources (DER) infrastructure, aid planning, and enable granular analytics.

The spread of unregistered energy generation and storage infrastructure (such as solar panels and batteries) can affect your ability to plan for load and demand. Without an understanding of these distributed energy resources in your service area, load forecasting is inexact, affecting your customers’ service experience and your bottom line.

The Grid Health 360 solution, built by Pacific Data Integrators and powered by the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, solves these problems, enabling you to identify unregistered solar, wind, and battery resources—and plan accordingly.

By creating trusted profiles of meter and transformer data and integrating weather and social data, Grid Health 360 helps identify anomalies that indicate DER hardware. With it you can:

  • Detect DER hardware
  • Predict DER penetration patterns
  • Leverage more granular analytics
  • Improve load demand forecasting