Smart Meter Operations

Maximize the benefits from your smart meter investments. Identify meter problems faster and more accurately, resolve data gaps, and improve forecasting.

Smart meters promise to improve efficiency and performance for both utilities and their customers. But maximizing these benefits depends on proper operations.

Failing meters create problems for many utilities, which must test and replace thousands of them in yearly cycles to ensure proper operations. Communication outages related to poor network performance and faulty meters create significant gaps in pulse data, making accurate revenue forecasting using interval data and load forecasting difficult.

With the Grid Health 360 solution, built by Pacific Data Integrators and powered by the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, operators can schedule calibration, repair, or replacement, and reduce service center efforts due to scheduling and billing disputes. This solution can also highlight potential equipment quality or installer performance issues as well as mesh network issues.

Grid Health 360 offers the ability to:

  • Correlate manufacturer, geo-location, and outage data with missing or irregular pulse data
  • Identify problem meters by their manufacturer or installer, among other qualities
  • Leverage trust scores to resolve the difference in relationship between meter IDs and transformer IDs, resolving discrepancies between the two sources and establishing a reliable lineage