Informatica Accelerates Cloud Modernization Journey with PowerCenter Cloud Edition

Media Alert, REDWOOD CITY, Calif., September 19, 2023 – Following the private preview earlier this year, PowerCenter Cloud Edition is now generally available. PowerCenter Cloud Edition enables the conversion of customers’ on-premises PowerCenter workloads to the cloud (Intelligent Data Management Cloud) and includes a trio of new cloud-native services:

  • Cloud Data Integration for PowerCenter (CDI-PC): allows customers to run on-premises PowerCenter workloads as cloud workloads in a PowerCenter-compatible mode without the need to migrate any metadata or business logic. 
    • Customers can significantly accelerate time to value receiving cloud benefits such as automated updates, real-time security fixes, and reduced overheads associated with legacy software operations.
    • Customers can manage their PowerCenter deployment as well as cloud deployment through a single cloud control plane.
  • PowerCenter to Cloud Data Integration Self-Service (PC2CDI): allows customers to convert and transform PowerCenter assets for cloud-native pattern. 
    • With 95% AI-driven automation, customers can re-use their years of investment in PowerCenter and convert the business logic to cloud native and modern ELT and ETL paradigm supporting their modern data warehouse and analytics initiatives.
    • Customers can modernize at their own pace allowing them complete flexibility to use any IDMC cloud-native service with a consumption-based pricing (IPU) model.
  • Cloud Data Validation (CDV): allows customers to validate metadata conversion accuracy. 
    • CDV quickly identifies data anomalies and validate metadata conversion accuracy at the data level ensuring successful migration. 
    • CDV helps reduce post conversion efforts involving user acceptance, pre-production and production testing.

The Informatica® Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) is an independent, vendor-neutral, AI-powered, cloud-native data management solution for a multi-cloud, multi-hybrid world. We partner with top-tier cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Snowflake, Google Cloud, Oracle, and technology providers to accelerate cloud modernization initiatives for organizations of all sizes.

Rudy Dias, Director, Data Management and Data as a Service, Point32Health, said, “PowerCenter Cloud Edition augments Informatica’s PowerCenter Modernization Program. It changes the dynamic of cloud adoption and provides us the flexibility to modernize at our own pace. We can now continue using existing PowerCenter assets while prioritizing only those that will benefit from migrating to the cloud. It moves us away from the ‘all or nothing’ approach to modernization, significantly reducing risks and accelerating those projects that need immediate cloud solutions.”

"The strategic partnership between Wipro and Informatica has enabled our customers to realize faster time to value with cloud modernization, leveraging our expertise alongside Informatica’s AI-powered, cloud-native Data Management platform, IDMC. Now, with the introduction of PowerCenter Cloud Edition, we can help our customers modernize their on-premises workloads to cloud faster, lower operational costs by eliminating PC maintenance, get automated updates/security patching and be cloud ready to scale with evolving business needs, " said Sriram Narasimhan, Head Data, Analytics, and Intelligence, Wipro Limited.

PowerCenter Powered Up

Undoubtedly, modernization projects are a challenge. How do you undertake such a complex investment and do so quickly, within (or under) budget, and without significant disruption to vital business operations or customer support? For PowerCenter customers, that’s where Informatica comes in. With PowerCenter Cloud Edition, customers can:

  • Modernize PowerCenter to cloud up to 8X faster.
  • Reduce risk with 100% reuse of PowerCenter assets.
  • Lower costs by 50%
  • Modernize at your own pace.

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