GDSN Accelerator for Product Information Management

Synchronize product data with GS1 GDSN standards.

First master-data fueled PIM-solution certified for GDSN Major Release 3 by 1WorldSync

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Providing an interface to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) for accurate product data exchange.

This add-on to MDM – Product 360 lets you synchronize product data with GS1 GDSN standards. Throughout the lifecycle of a product, many people—procurement professionals, warehouse employees, distribution workers, etc.—rely on access to information about that product. And that product information must constantly be maintained and updated by manufacturers and brands. After all, reliable and even more detailed product information is required to comply with changing regulations and satisfy consumer expectations of accessing product information from any channel.

But product data integrity and quality is at risk due to the siloed nature of applications that host the data. Distributors, retailers, and operators are constantly challenged with insufficient and inaccurate product data across their warehouses, stores, or online.

Enter the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), a system of interoperable data pools and a global product classification system and registry (known as Global Standards One, or GS1), that enables companies to exchange standardized and synchronized supply chain data with their trading partners. Suppliers and retailers can cut down the cost of building point-to-point integrations and speed product introductions by accessing the most accurate and most current product information.

The Informatica GDSN Accelerator is an add-on to the Informatica MDM – Product 360 that provides access to a GDSN-certified data pool. It is designed to help organizations securely and continuously exchange, update, and synchronize product data with trading partners according to the standards defined by GS1.

After being integrated in your MDM – Product 360, the GDSN accelerator helps you easily transfer product data to the data pool and fully control the information shared with a specific trading partner or with all recipients of a target market. The solution offers great flexibility to map item attributes to and from the GDSN standard and can be tailored to customer specific needs, like providing industry-specific or optional fields.

The benefits of using the GDSN Accelerator are many:
  • Provides improved and consistent product data quality across the entire supply chain, increasing the accuracy of orders, reducing invoice errors, streamlining processes, and slashing supply-chain costs.
  • Improves efficiency and collaboration with trading partners as it shares and updates product information in real time.
  • Streamlines and accelerates item setup processes and automates data exchange between data sources and recipients by accessing a single source of the truth. This helps speed time to market and time to shelf for new products or products with modified attributes, like ingredients or package sizes.
  • Supports manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to comply with regulations, such as the European Food Information Regulation (FIR) EU 1169/2011, or U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules, and satisfies consumer and regulatory demands for more and better product information.
  • Informatica is a 1WorldSync certified solution partner and a partner of GS1.


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