Product 360: Create seamless experiences

Drive more revenue with engaging product experiences across diverse channels and marketplaces.

Streamline commerce information value chains

Simplify governance and management of product information to enable faster time to market, satisfying customer experiences and greater productivity.

Launch products faster

Automate the delivery of tailored product data and content to every commerce touchpoint.

Drive more conversions

Add context to experiences based on channels, preferences and product availability.

Improve productivity

Empower collaboration across marketing, sales and data teams with unified processes.

Deliver an engaging product experience

Put the product information your customers want at their fingertips.

Product information management
Ensure accurate product data, attributes, specifications, taxonomies and relationships.

Digital asset management
Manage and associate images, videos, labels and other branded content types with products.

Connectivity and syndication
Seamlessly share information across the commerce value chain with API-based distribution.

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Retail Digital Transformation in Australia and New Zealand

Boost your Retail Success with Product Information Management

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Five Ways to Enhance the Product Experience

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Informatica MDM – Product 360

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What’s New in Product 360 10.5

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Product Information Management

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Industry Solutions

Deploy market-leading data management capabilities preconfigured with best practices for your industry needs.

Discover the #1 PXM vendor

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