Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT)

                  Located on an island in the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is a popular destination for tourists. With 250 miles of coastline, four football stadiums, a vibrant art and music scene, world-class museums, myriad cultural sites, and the region’s largest exhibition center, it receives approximately 10 million visitors every year. Determining the exact number of tourists is more difficult than it sounds, however, and that job falls to the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT).

“With Informatica’s help, we’ve been able to leverage data to help enhance Abu Dhabi’s standing as a world-class city, while staying true to our cultural heritage.”

Jaymin Harish Darbari

Data Governance Lead, Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism
Business Need
  • Quickly build complex data configurations and flows
  • Retain flexibility to move data warehouse to the cloud
  • Measure both the quantity and economic impact of visitors
  • Automate manual processes to accelerate reporting tourism data to the government and save time for employees
  • Ingest data from hotels, museums, and tourist sites automatically and make it easily consumable via APIs
  • Enhance data quality and reporting accuracy for dashboards to improve trust in data and increase analytics adoption rate
Solutions & Results
  • Bring tourism data from source systems into a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse using Informatica Cloud Data Integration
  • Consume and build APIs using Informatica Cloud API Manager
  • Enables the business to generate new tourism insights while saving 2,000+ person hours annually
  • Helps the organization become a data provider to both government and private organizations to ultimately help increase visits to Abu Dhabi
  • Cleanse data and detect anomalies using Informatica Data Quality, reporting any issues back to the business
  • Exchange files with partners using Informatica B2B Gateway
  • Improves trust in data across the organization by proactively addressing data quality issues, encouraging users to adopt analytics
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Products & Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

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