Big data analytics is the pursuit of extracting valuable insights from raw data that is high in volume, variety, and/or velocity.

What do I need to know about big data analytics?

Big data analytics systems transform, organize, and model large and complex data sets to draw conclusions and identify patterns. Skilled big data analytics professionals, who generally have a strong expertise in statistics, are called data scientists.

Is data analytics only for big data?

When used generally, the term data analytics can refer to any data analytics process, including data warehouses or data marts. While data warehouses are certainly a form of data analytics, the term itself is evolving to favor big data-capable systems. However, big data analytics refers specifically to the challenge of analyzing data of massive volume, variety, and velocity.

What is the status of the big data analytics marketplace?

Today, the field of data analytics is growing quickly, driven by intense market demand for systems that tolerate the intense requirements of big data, as well as people who have the skills needed for manipulating data queries and translating results.