Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce

Integrated data quality lets you capitalize on Salesforce's capabilities.

Keep your data clean

Informatica Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce eradicates duplicate, inaccurate, and incomplete account and contact records. It provides clean, trusted data, increases Salesforce user adoption, and boosts ROI by:

  • Giving you a real-time view into the quality and completeness of your data through a user-friendly interface.
  • Validating email, phone, and address information and automatically detects and corrects erroneous data found in your Salesforce org.
  • Intelligently searching for existing accounts and contacts to identify duplicate records at point of entry, and thereafter.
  • Letting you automerge with confidence or review and manually merge when combining records. 


Build smarter customer relationships

Informatica Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce allows for a more complete view of your customer with integrated master data management. It completes your customer record in Salesforce and:

  • Automatically consolidates customer data from multiple cloud and on-premise systems such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Eloqua, Marketo, and NetSuite.
  • Populates customer records with information from existing mastered records from Informatica MDM, for more efficient completion of customer records.

With enriched customer records in Salesforce, your business users are given the trusted single view of the customer they need to focus on building smarter relationships.

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Coordinate across multiple orgs

Informatica Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce coordinates multiple Salesforce organizations in a way that matches your business model and:

  • Allows you flexibility to either roll up reporting for sales, marketing, and services into a global reporting hub, or deploy a master sub org to manage and synchronize business processes across the enterprise.
  • Enables better cross-selling and upselling through a single view of multiple business units and products.
  • Employs best practices to unify Salesforce processes and standards.

With coordination across multiple Salesforce organizations, your teams gain the global visibility required to accelerate performance while maximizing your investment in Salesforce.


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