Informatica for Amazon Redshift

Deliver insights from agile data analytics with a connected, trusted cloud data warehouse.

Accelerate Data Warehouse Modernization

Agile analytics initiatives are key to fueling informed business decisions and competitive advantage. Improve agility and benefit from cloud economies by modernizing your data warehouse with Amazon Redshift. Informatica accelerates and scales your Amazon Redshift project, whether you are starting a new analytics initiative or migrating or extending an on-premises data warehouse to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Automatically combine disparate cloud and on-premises data into a trusted, modern data warehouse on Amazon Redshift.

Kickstart and scale a new cloud data warehouse

Amazon Redshift is a particularly good fit for new analytics initiatives—which flourish from agility and rapid experimentation—as it is easy, quick, and inexpensive to start a new analytics POC with Redshift. Informatica helps you kickstart a new data warehouse project by rapidly and automatically integrating data from cloud and on-premises sources, easily evolving your data integrations as analytical requirements change, and scaling your integrations as your need to load growing data volumes into Amazon Redshift increases. 


Migrate on-premises data warehousing to cloud

Organizations modernize their analytics solution by migrating their on-premises data warehouse to Amazon Redshift. Customers who have used the Informatica platform for many years to integrate their on-premises data warehouse can easily leverage their existing investment as they migrate their data warehousing environment to AWS. Any customer “lifting and shifting” their enterprise data warehouse to Amazon Redshift will benefit from Informatica’s enterprise-strength data integration solution

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Extend on-premises data warehousing to cloud 

Even if you maintain your enterprise data warehouse on premises, you can still benefit from extending it to the cloud with Amazon Redshift for scenarios such as cloud bursting during peak periods or selectively offloading certain data warehouse workloads to Amazon Redshift. Informatica’s automated and reusable data integrations and native prebuilt connectors, along with Amazon Redshift, can help you easily and quickly infuse cloud benefits, such as elasticity and improved economies, into your on-premises data warehousing environment. Begin your cloud journey and start reaping the benefits of cloud today, while evolving toward a bigger cloud footprint. 


Cloud Analytics Modernization with AWS, Tableau and Informatica Solution

Accelerate your cloud analytics modernization journey with a powerful integrated data cataloging, integration, and analytics solution combining Tableau, Amazon Redshift and Informatica ready to run and try on AWS. Discover, profile, integrate, and visualize your data using high-productivity tools to democratize data access.

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