API Management

Cloud API management and integration

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service’s API integration and orchestration service offers API and service-oriented application integration capabilities that encompass event processing, service orchestration, and process management. They allow you to expose to your applications and partners RESTful APIs, RPC-based JSON or SOAP service APIs, OData data services, or messaging queues and topics. Unlike traditional ESB-based solutions, Informatica’s API management and integration services manage and secure the execution state of your APIs through its API gateway.   

Integration-enabled APIs

Process designer, a high-productivity development environment tailored for process and API-based integration, provides users with the ability to define and implement composite services and integration-enabled APIs that are automatically exposed as REST, RPC-based JSON, or SOAP or as message-oriented middleware (MOM)-based service APIs.

With a single click, you can expose your data sources to your partners and applications using OData. Introspection is built in to help developers integrate your APIs. Swagger, JSON Schema, SOAP/WSDL, and OData v2 or v4 API definitions are auto-generated.

API-based integration

Informatica Cloud Application Integration services make it easy to build composite services and integration-enabled APIs. The service offers everything needed to consume and orchestrate a variety of services such as REST (XML and JSON), SOAP, SQL, Java, file-based content, and MOM-based services.

Integration with REST XML/JSON and SOAP services is simple using a service connector. Creating a service connector is as easy as importing a Swagger or a WSDL API interface document. If you don’t have these, you can simply use our form-based service connector editor.

API gateway and manager

When you are ready to expose your APIs to your partners and applications, use the API gateway to secure them. You can apply policies to your endpoints, such as limiting rate access to your APIs or whitelisting or blacklisting consumers.

Use the API manager to:

  • Uncover lists of unmanaged APIs and place them under management
  • Handle API lifecycle management, including managed API activation and deactivation
  • Apply API policies for enforcement by the API gateway
  • Provide auditors with API usage and security exception information

Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and debugging your APIs is simple with process console, which evaluates every step of execution, data manipulation, and timing information. It is invaluable in building robust and reliable APIs. Reporting is provided by Informatica Discovery IQ, an innovative cloud-based solution that lets you easily report on usage of your integration processes and APIs running on Intelligent Cloud Services. It provides usage reporting, analytics, and the ability to observe trends.                                                                                              

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