API Management

Reimagine integration with intelligent APIs

Build various classes of APIs such as application, data service, or data set APIs with Informatica’s integrated design environment. No code is required. Leverage Informatica’s sophisticated data integration capabilities including synchronization, replication, transformation and mass data ingestion. When you’re ready to expose these to your partners, customers, or within the enterprise, use our built-in API gateway to secure and monitor your REST, OData, and SOAP application and data APIs.


Robust APIs using fine-grained debugging

Debugging your APIs and integrations is simple with built-in jobs and process monitors, which evaluates every step of execution, data manipulation, and timing information. It is invaluable in building robust and reliable APIs.

Complete API lifecycle management

IT administrators and developers can easily control and monitor their APIs with the API Manager, which provides the ability expose service APIs, to drive the API lifecycle, including activating, deactivating, and deleting APIs, to publish API metadata with Swagger, to ensure API policy management, and more.


Control your application and API access

To improve data access security, Informatica provides Intelligent data masking to manage/govern your APIs. Access to APIs can be controlled and secured by applying authentication & authorization, rate limits - including endpoint specific rate limits, and IP filtering policies. The comprehensive security exception log allows an IT admin to quickly identify and analyze unauthorized API access attempts and policy exceptions.

Respond swiftly with real-time analytics

The API Manager Analytics Dashboard includes a visual summary with APIs usage analytics, such as trends and usage over time, APIs with the most invocations, and the most frequent users. IT administrators can take corrective actions such as change an API usage limit, to fulfill a business need, based on real-time insights.


Improve developer efficiency with automated API discovery

API Manager automatically lists all the available REST and SOAP web services created on your organization’s Informatica Cloud Application Integration Service and presents key API metadata information. API consumers can discover API metadata by using standard WSDL or Swagger documents provided by API Gateway.

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