Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners

Metadata scanners for complex data sources

With Enterprise Data Catalog Advanced Scanners, you can automatically extract the most granular metadata and track data dependencies across data sources.


Advanced Scanners: Key features

Improve understanding of data relationships by extracting the most granular metadata across complex systems. 

Advanced dependency tracking
Understand every transformation that occurred to the data across sources.
Eliminate “black box” effect
Get a full lineage view of custom apps, mainframe, and legacy systems for end-to-end data flow analysis.
Support for multi-vendor ETL tools
Extract metadata and lineage from tools including IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Microsoft SSIS, and Oracle Data Integrator.
Extract from SQL dialects
Scan both static and dynamic code and get detailed data lineage from SQL dialects and stored procedures.
Extract custom content at scale
Surface metadata from custom code and content in proprietary solutions.


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