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From finance teams to content supply chain and partner networks, stakeholders at TelevisaUnivision rely on quick access to accurate data to deliver compelling experiences to stakeholders across the United States and Latin America. Informatica helped TelevisaUnivision to modernize its on-premises data estate to a cloud-native environment and enhance its data services for every employee. The organization is now more efficient, cutting its enterprise integration costs alone by 44%, and has improved decision-making across virtually every line of business.

Interview Transcript
Perumal Matheva:

TelevisaUnivision is the leading Spanish language content company in the world. I'm the director of Enterprise Integration Services and Master Data Management. We are in middle of an IT global modernization journey, which includes our finance ERP system getting modernized. Our traffic systems are getting consolidated across US and Mexico. Our supply chain consolidation is happening throughout, and our corporate HR system is getting into a new version. We currently support 250 plus integrations across 80 plus applications. So at the same time, we want the platform to manage the data strategy across our enterprise, which includes data cataloging, data lineage, and MDM.

Whether it's Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS even, or Oracle Cloud, Informatica allows us to build and scale at large with respect to the complete data management platform. Our data is the fuel for our business. From finance teams, content supply chain, partner networks, and internal stakeholders, they rely on complete quality data for their business functions across the enterprise.

Without data quality, even AI power transformations can fail. So with all the above capabilities, we strongly believe that data can be bring into life with Informatica IDMC platform. So Informatica provides a single cloud agnostic data management platform, which helps us to reduce the operational cost as well as improve our service efficiency by 35%. Informatica enabled us to reduce our integration platform from 27 different integration platform into single cloud-agnostic multi-cloud architecture, which definitely reduced our integration cost by 44%. At the same time, it helped our business to increase the onboarding time by 35%, which helped us service efficiency across all the domains, across the customers. And in 2022, we processed billions of data transactions across all the domain, 57 million plus AI transactions and data technician jobs via IDMC platform. If you're looking for scalability, agility towards the future with respect to your data, which is going to fuel your business, you have to start thinking about migrating from the on-premise applications to a multi-cloud, cloud-agnostic AI powered transformations for future.

“We needed a robust data ecosystem in the cloud that would cover governance, quality, master data management, a data marketplace for internal users, and more. Informatica offered us a single, comprehensive cloud-native data management platform that scales organically and will serve as the focal point of our growing and maturing data ecosystem.”

John Macrina

SVP, Global Head of Enterprise Technology
Embarking on a Cloud Modernization journey

Embarking on a Cloud Modernization journey

With nearly 60 television stations across the United States and four broadcast channels in Mexico affiliated with 222 stations, and featuring the largest library of owned content and industry-leading production capabilities that power its streaming, digital and linear television offerings, as well as its radio platforms, TelevisaUnivision is the leading Spanish-language media and content company in the world.

“Our data is the fuel that powers our business, from financial reporting for our investors to the digital, linear, and streaming TV and radio platforms that our audience tune into each day,” says John Macrina, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Enterprise Technology at TelevisaUnivision. “Managing all that information is a top priority.”

TelevisaUnivision embarked on a multi-year digital transformation journey in 2015 to simplify, consolidate, and gain more control over its data management and integrations. Informatica enabled the organization to dramatically simplify its infrastructure from 27 different data management tools to a single cloud-native data management platform, saving operational costs and administrative overhead.

Informatica has been working with TelevisaUnivision to modernize and migrate its on-premises PowerCenter workloads to Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC), positioning the business to manage its data in a multi-cloud environment. This includes applications running on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Informatica is a foundational piece of our IT,” says Macrina. “We’ve achieved steady gains in scalability, cost and resource management, and performance each year since starting our journey together, not to mention improving our service delivery efficiency 35%. Moving to the cloud has only accelerated our successes.”

“Whether it’s Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS, Informatica allows us to build and scale across multiple clouds with ease, making us more efficient, lowering our implementation costs, and improving our time to market for new customer services.”

Perumal Mathevan Arumugham

Director of Enterprise Integration Services and Master Data Management

Centralizing data services built to scale

In parallel, Informatica is helping TelevisaUnivision to create a data-driven organizational culture anchored by robust data services. The first step to achieving this was to sunset and consolidate dozens of point-to-point data management technologies ― inefficient and costly to manage ― and replace them with a unified, comprehensive, cloud-native data management platform that is futureproofed with multi-cloud support.

Centralizing data services built to scale

As TelevisaUnivision began modernizing its data centers to the cloud, it also needed a platform that could scale seamlessly across multiple solutions from different cloud vendors. Specifically, it was critical to ensure seamless data exchange within and between various cloud providers without sacrificing data quality or governance.

Informatica was the clear choice, offering a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution with multi-cloud support. Prebuilt connectors allowed TelevisaUnivision to complete data transformations with the solutions straight out of the box while keeping track of its data lineage and maintaining the highest security standards.

The Informatica solution also surpassed competing solutions with regard to data capture, replication, and service integrations, allowing TelevisaUnivision to set up a unified data integration platform that is optimized for its needs. The flexible and reusable solution design also underpins complex data transformations, and event-driven data needs, as well as supporting the business’ microservices architecture.

“Whether it’s Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS, Informatica allows us to build and scale across multiple clouds with ease, making us more efficient, lowering our implementation costs, and improving our time to market for new customer services,” says Perumal Mathevan Arumugham, Director of Enterprise Integration Services and Master Data Management at TelevisaUnivision.


Building a mature data ecosystem

The evolution from disparate data solutions to a sustainable multi-cloud data management platform has been a transformative journey for TelevisaUnivision. Informatica now supports more than 250 integrations across more than 80 applications for TelevisaUnivision in the U.S.

Informatica IDMC also includes comprehensive data and application integrations, a major selling point for a company that needed to scale quickly and securely across every line of business — from finance and content to media partners.

“We needed a robust data ecosystem in the cloud that would cover governance, quality, master data management, a data marketplace for internal users, and more. Informatica offered us comprehensive data management capabilities on a single platform that scales organically and will serve as the focal point of our growing and maturing data ecosystem,” says Macrina.

To help bring its vision to life, TelevisaUnivision enlisted the help of implementation partner Capgemini throughout the cloud modernization initiative. In addition, Informatica Professional Services (IPS) consultants and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) worked closely with the organization to build a migration roadmap, complete design reviews, and troubleshoot issues during the implementation.

Enabling real-time decision-making with trusted data

With greater confidence in its data, TelevisaUnivision can better manage the information flowing through its organization, implement best practices, and strengthen data governance. As a result, data teams can deliver more value to stakeholders across lines of business — building descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics models to support their real-time decision-making.


The Informatica IDMC platform also underpins end-to-end data transformations across TelevisaUnivision’s supply chain, including the end-to-end content supply chain for its scheduled and digital on-demand content. Using the platform’s sophisticated metadata management and workflow features, TelevisaUnivision can efficiently distribute its content metadata to the extensive network of entertainment and technology partners it relies on to accelerate the delivery of its services to the market.

Arguably, the biggest win that Informatica has delivered to TelevisaUnivision is cost-savings. With IDMC, which replaced its on-premises legacy data management solutions, the company saw a 44% reduction in enterprise data integration costs. Moreover, Informatica has helped the business make its service delivery to customers 35% more efficient.

“Scalability and efficiency are top priorities for any IT transformation, but to cut our operating costs by nearly half is an incredible achievement,” says Macrina. “We couldn’t have done it without Informatica, and these are still early days in our cloud journey.”


New systems, new integrations, new successes

TelevisaUnivision is ramping up its use of Informatica to support new enterprise systems, as well as new solutions from its technology partners as the company continues its cloud modernization journey.

“Informatica is the central nervous system for many mission-critical processes, from our back office to content creation, to third-party distribution,” says Macrina. “The Informatica IDMC platform sits at the center of all those moving pieces, helping us to modernize our data services, work more intelligently, and make our customer offering more compelling than ever.”

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