Informatica Launches New Generative AI and Snowflake Native App Offerings on the Snowflake AI Data Cloud

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Together with Snowflake we help you unleash the power of your data & AI initiatives

Informatica is an elite Snowflake partner with hundreds of joint enterprise customers. We enable customers to ingest, transform and govern trillions of records every month on Snowflake Data Cloud to uncover meaningful insights using AI & analytics at scale.

“Informatica and Snowflake simplified our data architecture, allowing us to leverage data as an asset to address the housing crisis in a more impactful way.”

Douglas Silverstone

Head of Data & Analytics and Information Security, Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing

Modernize and mobilize your data for data-driven business decisions

Quickly & easily modernize to Snowflake Data Cloud

Get the best results from your data warehousing initiatives with Informatica and Snowflake. Migrate or build your cloud data warehouse on Snowflake with cloud-native advanced ELT capabilities.

Most comprehensive data governance for Snowflake Data Cloud

Data democratization requires trust, which is achieved only through enterprise data governance. Informatica has a comprehensive product portfolio that is deeply aligned with Snowflake, designed to help enterprises deliver data that is consistent, trusted and governed.

Seamlessly ingest data into Snowflake Data Cloud

Easily ingest an enormous volume of data at scale from different sources such as application data, mainframes, databases, data warehouses, machine data, IOT, streaming data, logs, and files into Snowflake Data Cloud.

Accelerate data migration at scale and break down enterprise data silos

With Informatica’s Cloud Accelerator (IICS) for Snowflake, organizations can easily ingest, synchronize, integrate, and cleanse data. Informatica supports all Snowflake workloads – Data Engineering, Data Warehouse, Data Lakes, Data Science, Data Applications, and Data Sharing

Informatica Cloud ELT for Snowflake Data Cloud

Informatica supports both ELT as well as ETL on Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Informatica’s ELT or advanced pushdown optimization significantly improves processing speed and reduces operating costs.

Move data to Snowflake Data Cloud in minutes

Simplify integration and ingestion with hundreds of pre-built connectors and achieve higher productivity with no-code/low-code tools. Apply simple data transformation techniques during ingestion to ensure the data is ready for analytics.

Drive transformation with Informatica + Snowflake


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See how to use Informatica’s cloud-native data management capabilities to load and process large amounts of data into Snowflake.

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Get the Most Out of Your Snowflake Cloud Data Platform
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Maximizing the Digital Opportunity With Limitless Data Governance
Create a data governance framework that combines the freedom to explore data with safeguards to ensure data quality, trust, and privacy.

Customer Success Story

Optimizing Healthcare Administration Using a Snowflake Data Lake

Navigating a Changing Healthcare Landscape
Solution Brief
Ensure Trusted Data on Snowflake with Informatica Data Governance and Catalog
Ensure Trusted Data on Snowflake with Informatica Data Governance and Catalog
Solution Brief

Accelerate Cloud Analytics Modernization and Derive Meaningful Business Insights

Contact Data: The Foundation of Sales and Marketing Success

Process up to 1B rows/month free with our Intelligent Cloud Services Accelerator for Snowflake. Valid for Snowflake customers via Snowflake Partner Connect.

Informatica Named Snowflake Data Lake Partner of the Year for Cloud Analytics

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