• Conversión de un data lake en un mercado de datos

    Un mercado de datos es un nuevo tipo de arquitectura de gestión de la información que amplía el concepto tradicional de "data lake" para combinar un proceso estandarizado e industrializado que permite conservar activos de datos sin procesar y convertirlos en información de confianza, con un modo de interacción con los usuarios finales basado en la colaboración y el autoservicio, de manera que los consumidores de datos pueden adquirir rápida y fácilmente los datos que necesitan.

  • Como transformar um data lake em um marketplace de dados

    O marketplace de dados é um novo tipo de arquitetura de gerenciamento de informações que amplia as noções tradicionais de data lakes, combinando um processo padronizado e industrializado para converter ativos de dados brutos em informações confiáveis, oferecendo um modo de interação colaborativo e de autosserviço aos usuários finais para que os clientes de dados possam adquirir os dados de que precisam com mais rapidez e facilidade.

  • Data Quality Data Governance Edition Foundation

    Informatica’s Data Quality Data Governance Edition Foundation engagement provides a strong basis from which you can build and expand data quality and data governance within your enterprise.

  • Informatica Test Data Generation

    Test data is essential to building and deploying functional applications. When production data doesn’t contain the data or tables necessary to support a new feature or function, or when IT policy or privacy regulations restrict the use of production data, developers must create their own test data.

  • Data Quality for Siebel Foundation

    Informatica Data Quality for Siebel is a services offering that extends Informatica Data Quality’s data quality management capabilities to new record data entering the Siebel UCM or CRM system and to data already stored in the Siebel application. This engagement enables you to quickly accomplish the integration of Informatica Data Quality within your existing batch and transactional operations within Siebel UCM and CRM.

  • An Epic Journey: Improving EHRs with Trusted Data at BJC Healthcare

    BJC Healthcare is one of the largest nonprofit health care integrated delivery organizations in the country. In 2016, BJC embarked on a journey to replace multiple instances and multiple types of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems with a new single EMR with Epic.Nathan Rain, Group Manager of Data Governance & Master Data Management at BJC Healthcare, led a team that defined the path to create a trusted golden record across its 15 hospitals, five service organizations, and hundreds of outreach services for residents. Along this journey, Nathan learned a number of valuable lessons including how to:•Set the objective and explain the need to ensure executive buy-in•Create a single trusted view of Provider data from multiple sources•Avoid pitfalls and define optimization criteria in Epic that drives adoption•Automate processes and achieve high levels of efficiency with existing resourcesJoin Nathan and Informatica in this webinar to learn more about the value and power of master ...

  • Informatica Data Engineering Cloud Elastic

    Easily build and maintain a high-performance data pipeline. Informatica Data Engineering Cloud Elastic enables codeless, serverless elastic scaling for streamlined cloud-based data integration processing.

  • Data Quality Audit

    The Data Quality Audit enables you to start developing a baseline assessment of the current level of data quality within your enterprise environment. Over the course of the engagement, you will learn to analyze and enhance the quality of your data as it pertains to your specific projects and goals, and collaborate on a concrete set of steps for further improvement.

  • Data Quality Major Release Upgrade

    Due to the business-critical nature of the Informatica Data Quality platform within an organization, performing an upgrade to the latest release requires thorough planning and preparation. Based on our experience with performing such upgrades and guided by Informatica’s Velocity methodology, Informatica Professional Services will help you plan the Data Quality upgrade, any necessary integration upgrade for PowerCenter if needed for support of integrated data quality functionality and roll-out of the new platform into production.