Enterprise Data Management Solutions and Systems

Best practices and comprehensive guidance for successful enterprise management projects.

Informatica Velocity, made freely available to customers and partners, guides business and IT teams in their implementation of world-class enterprise data management solutions to support business imperatives. It encompasses:

  • Enterprise strategy best practices. Informatica Velocity offers best practices and guidance on deploying such enterprise-level IT strategies as data governance, integration competency centers and lean integration.
  • Project-level best practices. Informatica Velocity provides best practices and guidance on executing a variety of enterprise data integration and management solutions such as data migration, master data management, and data quality, to name just a few.
  • Comprehensive set of practical tools. Informatica Velocity makes available a library of tools, resource materials, and templates to eliminate rework and redesign and accelerate project delivery. Velocity documentation and tools may be downloaded from Informatica Network.

Developed from the real-world experience of hundreds of data management projects, Informatica Velocity represents the collective knowledge of experienced consultants who have worked with organizations from around the world to plan, develop, deploy, and maintain successful data management projects.