Finance 360: Empower the modern CFO

Increase efficiency and gain valuable insights through financial intelligence and automation.

Get more from your finance data

Deliver trusted data to lower cost, reduce risk and drive revenue with higher margins.

Deliver accurate reporting

Drive better decision-making and compliance by using AI to reconcile finance data.

Empower finance users

Support precise planning and forecasting with self-service data management.

Transform the business

Reduce cost and minimize risk by managing financial hierarchies and crosswalks.

Keep your business on track for success

Free up the funding you need to drive innovation and transform your business.

Finance hierarchy management
Centrally manage and govern finance hierarchies and crosswalks within your business.

Rich and intuitive user experience
Use a workflow-based user experience to view alternate perspectives, versions and audits.

Streamlined governance and data quality
Standardize and govern your finance data to ensure accuracy across the enterprise.

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Strategically manage the value of your finance data

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Your essential Finance 360 resources

Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Managing Finance Data for Compliance and Accurate Reporting

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The Data-Driven Path to Improve Profitability

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Streamline Mergers and Acquisitions

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Achieve Game-changing Insights by Taking Control of Finance Data

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Product 360 (PIM)

Manage complex product content to drive more revenue and seamless customer experiences across diverse channels.

Reference 360

Simplify governance of code list, look-up values, hierarchies and crosswalks with reference data management.

Grow revenue while cutting costs and risks

Tap the value of your finance data with the latest from Aberdeen.

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