Ensure that you maximize your IBM zSystems investment without zSystems specific skills by using Informatica’s Data Integration suite of tools, irrespective of whether the need is for integrating with other on-premises systems or whether the need is for Cloud modernization or analytics initiatives. Informatica can help with either.

Informatica's zSystems data integration solutions are designed to interoperate seamlessly with Informatica on-premises Data Integration capabilities with PowerCenter or Data Engineering products or with their forward-looking Data Management Cloud (IDMC), providing access to new innovative cloud services like Coud Data Integration, Mass Ingestion etc.

Balance Security, Performance, and Cost with zSystem Data Integration. Informatica's zSystems data integration solutions enable you to configure a highly scalable, real-time data integration environment that extends the value of your existing zSystem and the data it contains. These solutions help you balance security, performance, and cost according to your own requirements.

  • Security. Maintain data security through access controls, encryption, and virtualized network technology, whether you access data in the zSystems environment or via Linux, UNIX, or Windows.
  • Performance. Access zSystems data directly and at full speed from any source or target supported by Informatica, whether it's in files, relational databases, or pre-relational databases.
  • Cost. Lower MIPS-based costs, save development time, and decrease total cost of ownership by deferring non necessary upgrades to your applications and databases on your zSystem environment by instant access to data via Informatica zSystems connectors.

These solutions provide for flexible, scalable data transformation and data integration capabilities on your IBM zSystems. Using our connectivity facilitated via Informatica PowerExchange, founded on IBM architecture, or our newer Cloud developed (zero footprint) Data connections for zSystems, provides for reliable, stable, scalable and secure access to data on the IBM zSystems and IBM i platforms.

Integrate Data from multiple zSystems (as Sources or Targets) by using Informatica's zSystem connectivity solutions. These support a broad variety of common zSystem data stores so you can integrate zSystem data and deliver it to the right place, at the right time, in the right format.

  • z/OS
    • Adabas
    • Binary flat files
    • Datacom
    • Db2 for z/OS
    • IDMS
    • IMS
    • VSAM
  • IBM i
    • Db2
    • Member files

Informatica Mass Ingestion advances our former flagship on-premises products of Informatica’s PowerCenter/PowerExchange by leveraging new purpose-built Cloud native services to identify sources and quickly assign to targets with new simple to use Cloud user interfaces whilst also automatically adjusting the running process to any changes of source schema (aka schema drift). Informatica Mass Ingestion is a family of cloud native services that enables an IT organization to retrieve all sources of enterprise data without having to develop custom data-access programs. Mass Ingestion enables new Cloud and analytics developments to get to an organisation's complete holistic view of data, including data residing on IBM zSystems and IBM i.

Mass Ingestion can perform the following functions to synchronize a data source and data target:

  1. Bulk data movement to materialize or entirely refresh a data target.
  2. Change data capture to keep a data source and data target synchronized.

Mass Ingestion components have initially enabled access to Db2 on IBM zSystems and IBM i.