The Informatica Executive Briefing Center



Experience how Informatica empowers its customers to accelerate digital disruption and transform their businesses. The Executive Briefing Center offers the highest level of customer engagement and is the optimal channel for exclusive insights into Informatica solutions. 

“I invite you to visit our Executive Briefing Center for a personalized experience with unparalleled access to Informatica leaders and subject matter experts. The EBC delivers an interactive dive into Informatica solutions, arming you to take advantage of your data opportunities.”

- Amit Walia, Chief Executive Officer, Informatica

Our Commitment to You

The Informatica Executive Briefing Center (EBC) fosters collaboration. Informatica executives and subject matter experts listen, discuss, and connect with you to enable informed decisions with successful outcomes. And technical experts lead customized demonstrations that focus on your needs. Each personalized EBC agenda leaves attendees with the insights necessary to drive innovation and unleash the disruptive power of data.


Key Features

Unparalleled access to executives

Engage with the best and brightest Informatica leaders such as Chief Executive Officer Anil Chakravarthy, other executives, subject matter experts, and product managers. At the EBC, dive into topics that matter to you, get answers to your questions, and head back to the office ready to innovate.

Interactive discussions and live demos

Have a question? Hop up to the whiteboard and sketch it out with Informatica engineers and subject matter experts. Challenge the status quo and advance data strategies by focusing on underlying architecture, business requirements, and deep dives into product roadmaps and best practices.

Customized agendas

Experience targeted presentations and conversations with the most relevant Informatica experts based on an understanding of your business and aimed at achieving your specific goals. These agendas can be as narrowly defined as “GDPR compliance” or as broad as “hybrid data management.”

High-touch experience

The EBC is located at Informatica global headquarters in Redwood City, California. This comfortable environment fosters the kind of collaboration and strategic thinking that can happen only outside of the office and away from day-to-day distractions. If the East Coast is more convenient, ask about our New York City facilities.

Learn More About the EBC

EBC at a glance

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Planning your stay

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Plan Your Visit to the EBC

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