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Unleash the power of trusted, relevant, accessible data with self-service analytics

AI-driven data management for governed self-service analytics

Self-service analytics require IT and business teams to collaborate for success. Maximize the value of data-driven insights by basing Tableau analytics on accurate, relevant, and trusted data. Informatica offers Tableau users—at their fingertips—a reliable, AI-driven, and IT-governed data foundation across multi-cloud environments.

Data cataloging for discovery and governance

As enterprise data increases in volume and variety, it becomes difficult for business analysts to find relevant trusted data. For productive and reliable self-service analytics, business users need visibility and access—within their Tableau environment—to trusted data assets across the enterprise. Informatica’s AI-driven Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) helps business and IT collaborate to discover, catalog, and govern cloud across multi-cloud environments. It enables Tableau analysts to find and understand the data assets they need, for maximum productivity.


Agile cloud analytics

Tableau users want to quickly blend and transform data for analysis. Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) offers data wizards, pre-built mappings, and templates to help business users get up and running with trusted data in Tableau. Citizen integrators can rapidly blend data from hundreds of cloud and hundreds of data sources like Salesforce, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Google, Workday, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle, Adobe, and Marketo.


Enterprise data lakes for next-generation analytics

Today’s analysts need to effectively factor in data from a growing number of unstructured data sources such as social media, websites, log files, and IoT devices, along with data from traditional data sources and SaaS solutions. Informatica’s Enterprise Data Lake solutions enable business users to successfully discover, understand, profile, cleanse, and prepare trusted and relevant data for Tableau analytics.


Trusted data for self-service analytics

The success of your analytics initiative depends on the data being analyzed. Every great Tableau Viz and dashboard is powered by relevant data so you get trusted business insights. With Informatica’s Data Quality and Governance solutions, you can increase business value by ensuring your Tableau environment is fueled with relevant, timely, and trustworthy data.

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Integration hubs fuel self-service with ‘data on-demand’

Tableau users need timely access to data. A modern integration hub helps IT meet the increasing data demands of the business. Integration hubs use publish/subscribe integration patterns, abstract complexity of data sources from business users, and automatically deliver “single source of truth” for Tableau users. An integration hub serves as a data backbone to unify, govern, and share trusted data in a self-service fashion to all Tableau users.


Journey to cloud

For your high-volume, operationalized reports and recurring data integrations, Informatica enables you to automatically integrate and transform data into a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) file which can be published directly to Tableau Server or Tableau Online. TDE files can be extracted from integrations of hundreds of sources, and, and are available for governed self-service analytics in Tableau, across the enterprise.

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Getting Started With Tableau and Informatica

Get Tableau business users up and running now with relevant, timely, and trusted data.

Enterprise Data Catalog Chrome (EDC) plug-in for Tableau

Discover, understand, and catalog data assets from within Tableau Desktop using Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog plug-in for Chrome. (Free download in Google Store. EDC installation is required.)

Free Trial: Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Tableau

Start your free trial today to easily pull in, cleanse, and blend data from hundreds of data sources with prebuilt templates and data wizards.

Informatica Connectors

Achieve scale, agility, and modernization with cloud-based, cost-effective data integration and data management solutions for any type and volume of data.

Tableau resources

Launch the next phase of your analytics evolution with learnings from Tableau.


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