Increase the Value of Your Oracle Investment

Implementing or migrating to a new Oracle application often means new requirements for data integration and higher demands to support data volume beyond the application’s capabilities. This frequently means delayed projects, increased budgets, and failure to deliver on the needs of the business. The Informatica Platform offers solutions that significantly enhance the functionality of Oracle applications. It delivers trusted, authoritative data to your Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards applications, accelerating their implementations, boosting their performance, and dramatically reducing your costs and risk.

Maximize Application Performance while Controlling Costs for R12 Upgrades

Informatica Data Archive improves application performance with large data volumes in key transaction tables through the use of Smart Partitioning. With Informatica Test Data Management, copies made for test and development can be reduced in size by creating subsets of production data for specific testing use cases, rather than creating full clones of production. With Informatica Data Replication, data can be copied to the EDW without consuming CPU cycles from the Oracle underlying database. Leveraging Informatica Data Archive and Data Replication as part of an R12 upgrade will ensure performance SLAs can be met while infrastructure costs can be controlled.

Test Oracle Financials, HRMS, and CRM Applications

Informatica delivers pre-built Test Data Management solutions specifically for Oracle Financials, HR, and CRM applications to accelerate testing timelines, eliminate risk of exposing sensitive data to unauthorized users, and control infrastructure chargeback costs. The identification and classification of sensitive data for these applications and sub-modules is available out of the box. Sensitive data is masked automatically during production cloning processes before systems are made available to outside testers.

Achieve Data Privacy and Compliance for HR and Payroll

Informatica offers PeopleSoft HR- and payroll-sensitive data classification accelerators to give teams a head start to documenting which data needs to be protected within these packaged applications. When data gets replicated to multiple systems for different business users, Informatica Business Glossary and Metadata Manager can capture the flow of sensitive data as it gets copied from source to target, making sure that the sensitivity classification follows the data no matter where it resides.  Data classified as sensitive can then be masked dynamically using Informatica Dynamic Data Masking without the need for the DBA or developer to change the underlying application. Combining Business Glossary and Metadata Manager with Dynamic Data Masking for PeopleSoft HR and payroll applications significantly reduces project timelines associated with protecting sensitive data.

Achieve Data Privacy and Compliance for Call Center Applications

Call center applications are targeted areas for data privacy non-compliance. The Informatica Data Discovery Option combined with Data Masking Accelerators for Siebel CRM, enables auditors to work with Siebel CRM application support teams to discovery and flag any violations where sensitive data is stored in non-compliant fields. If the business agrees that these fields should be classified as sensitive, application developers can update their security policies for production environments using Informatica Dynamic Data Masking. They can also use Informatica Persistent Data Masking to obfuscate or mask these comments fields when production data is cloned for testing, development and training purposes.

Manage Metadata for Oracle Business Intelligence

Informatica Metadata Manager provides IT staff a visual diagram of data flows from source to target in their OBIA environment, essentially documenting the entire environment to improve understanding. It also includes impact analysis to show the result of proposed changes before they’re implemented. Informatica Business Glossary documents business terms, definitions, owners, data stewards, reference data, links, and more. Metadata Manager and Business Glossary include built-in collaboration tools that enable productive collaboration between business users and IT staff on projects and changes, speeding project delivery time and reducing costs.