The Potential of Information to Inform Every One, Everything, Everywhere is Upon Us.

by Marge Breya, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Marge Breya

For nearly forty years, the term IT has been associated with professional advances in technology and applications. Transactional applications. Systems infrastructure. Network Infrastructure. Applications infrastructure. The irony lies in the fact that all of these technologies have aimed at centralization of information for business outcomes, yet they’ve addressed only 2 percent of the information challenge that employees face today. Most business processes and even the average employee spend only a few minutes of the day in a transactional application. The other 98% of the day is spent in interactions -- meetings, analyzing data and collaborating with colleagues. And barely a fraction of the information potential that can be unleashed for people and connected devices has been realized. This year, nearly 4 billion people will be connected on the Internet. And by the year 2020, tens of billions of consumer and industrial devices or smart machines will be online. The potential of information to inform every one, everything, everywhere is upon us.

Information has Always Been the Killer App. The Fourth Wave is Information Discovery, Visibility, and Optimization.

The first wave of application development focused on management of business processes. Visibility of transactions. And the target audience was management. The second wave of applications became modernization of these apps for heightened user convenience on the Web or mobile devices—smaller, lighter-weight, intuitive applications. Software as a service (SaaS) was the third wave of applications. It became about user-centricity and near-zero footprint deployment. The fourth wave of applications is about the combination of business, consumer, and device information. These applications will discover the right information, deliver it at the right time to the right person, process, or device. With intuition, elegance, and ease. And improve it over and over again. These applications will be increasingly distributed and lightweight— much like the Internet. Like Java. Like Ethernet. A true information network with an infinitely scalable architecture.

The Information Network. It’s Really That Big. And Needs to Be Really That Small.

The fastest-growing asset class in enterprises, governments, and individuals is information. Digital media. Sensor data. Relationships. Doubling every year, it’s growing faster than Twitter. Faster than cell phones. Faster than the birth, retirement, or death rate.

And it’s increasingly fragmented. Mobile, social, SaaS, and global value chains have accelerated the fragmentation. And the holy grail of consumer, employee, and citizen behavior lives beyond the scope of any single big data cluster—no matter how big. It will be real-time. And batch. Structured and unstructured. For humans and machines. Information will live in a three-tier architecture. Housed in the data center. Aggregated in the field or at the large device. Collected at the point of data. In the device. On the factory floor. In the hospital room.

The Information Network. Architected by Design. Powered by Vibe.

In order to realize this vision, information needs infrastructure and this infrastructure must be built on architecture. Only architecture can handle the range in scale, the diversity, and the accessibility needed for a true information network.

We believe that the foundational element of the information network is Vibe. Vibe is the world’s first embeddable virtual data machine for accessing, aggregregating and managing data regardless of source or format.  The scalable virtual data machine that today powers data centers, cloud connections, and analytics around the world. And soon, Vibe will power small businesses, departments, applications, and devices everywhere.

Our Mission. Our Vision. Our Purpose.

We believe that architecture is the path to unleashing information potential. One device. Or every device. One business or a value chain. One nation or a global economy. And of course, one person, population, or movement. Our mission is to proliferate that architecture and deliver the industry’s most robust information platform.

Let’s Put Potential to Work. Together.

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