LÛCRUM is an information, intelligence and analytics consulting firm comprised of business and technology professionals focused on making data meaningful. The company specializes in getting the most from clients’ existing technology investments, and its solutions increase profitability, drive operational efficiency and maximize decision-making capabilities for clients.

“LUCRUM is growing in a down economy, and Informatica Cloud Express has a large part to play in that success. The innovative pay-as-you-go approach to integration is flexible and economical, and is unquestionably the easiest way to integrate Salesforce CRM data in support of business intelligence reporting and analysis.”

Jodie Heflin, Vice President, Business Intelligence Solutions, LUCRUM, Inc.


Business Need

Enable BI solutions provider to support business intelligence reporting and analysis.

Introduce a cost-effective entry point for data integration that would easily scale.



Provide executives with detailed insight into business performance in support of accurate, timely decision making.

Reduce the cost of integrating relatively light amounts of data.

Standardize on a cloud-based integration methodology, with no upfront hardware/software investment.


Solutions & Results

Delivered fast return on data based on innovative pay-per-use integration model.

Helped drive revenue growth in a down economy.

Enabled company to go live with new integration solution in only two days.

Helped BI provider make more agile and accurate decisions, based on a holistic view of the business.

Supported shared, detailed, timely view of each customer situation.

Performed integration configuration updates in minutes, with no intervention from IT staff.


Products & Services

Informatica Cloud Express

A pay-as-you-go approach to integration, Informatica Cloud Express is the most flexible, economical, and easiest way to integrate enterprise data with Salesforce CRM and Force.com.

Success Stories

British Telecom

With Informatica Cloud, British Telecom streamlines and accelerates executive decisions by unifying reporting across nine Salesforce instances and multiple business units.


Ensured that Salesforce CRM data is accurate, complete, and up to date.

Chicago Cubs

From Big Win to Big Data: How Chicago Cubs Uses Informatica to Build Lifelong Fans