Informatica Helps The Office Of State Revenue Of NSW Australia Recover Millions In Revenue

Identifies additional revenue from unpaid taxes and fraud mitigation

SYDNEY, Australia, February 16, 2010 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced that the Office of State Revenue (OSR), a department of the Treasury of the State of New South Wales (NSW), Australia is implementing the Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR) solution. The OSR’s mission is to collect all tax revenues due and administer tax revenue laws for the benefit of the six and a half million people of NSW, while at the same time maximising effectiveness, efficiency and client satisfaction. Informatica Identity Resolution will be used to support the OSR’s Recoups System, which is the OSR’s main taxation system.

Informatica Identity Resolution is a robust, highly scalable software that enables organizations to search and match identity data with high reliability, accuracy and performance, in both batch and real time. With Informatica, the OSR expects to see an increase in the department’s ability to identify liable taxpayers who are not currently registered with OSR.

Ermil Sipp, Deputy Director Operations Strategy at OSR said: “Our department was already utilizing Informatica’s products for batch and project orientated data groupings, as well as for performing ad-hoc online searches against taxpayer records. For the upgrade of our Recoups System, we elected to use the flagship Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR) product.”

IIR will enable OSR to enhance its capacity to identify First Homeowners Grant applicants who have previously owned a home and are not being eligible for the grant through using IIR’s fuzzy matching capabilities. The implementation of IIR will also enable the OSR to gain a more powerful name searching capability within its own property information data mart.

Sipp added: “This year the OSR anticipates savings in excess of AU$150,000 a year from the reduction in external property information database search fees as a result of deploying IIR to more effectively search for property records in its own Land Tax database.”

“By utilizing the algorithms in Informatica’s identity resolution technology and performing a thorough analysis of the relationships between people, companies and addresses, Informatica has enabled the OSR to improve its capacity to identify additional revenue through its compliance programs thereby providing the NSW government with  additional revenue to fund services for the people of NSW.  It will also assist the OSR to minimise the risk that grants are paid to non-eligible people”.

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