29West and Voltaire Announce New Ultra Messaging Solution for 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Chicago, IL and Chelmsford, MA, USA and Ra’anana, Israel, April 13, 2010 -  29West, now a part of Informatica, the market leader in high-performance, ultra low-latency messaging solutions, and Voltaire (NASDAQ: VOLT), a leading provider of scale-out data center fabrics, today announced a new Ultra Messaging® solution for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) that slices existing latencies by two-thirds on 10GigE, and achieves application-to-application latencies on 10GigE as low as seven microseconds. The solution enables high-frequency trading firms to be more competitive with their high performance algorithmic trading operations.

This fully integrated solution adds the Voltaire Messaging AcceleratorTM (VMA) software to existing 29West Ultra Messaging® applications, requiring no code changes and shows very consistent latency across a wide range of message rates and message sizes. While the tested solution used Voltaire’s Vantage™ 8500 low latency 10GigE switch to achieve the optimal results, the solution can be used on any industry-standard Ethernet switching hardware.

Previously, the 29West-Voltaire solution was exclusively available for InfiniBand fabrics.  InfiniBand-based solutions continue to deliver the lowest latencies – as much as 30% lower than Ethernet-based solutions. The availability of the 29West-Voltaire solution on both InfiniBand and Ethernet means that customers have a choice of data center fabrics that deliver low latency for their high performance messaging systems.

“With the integrated Ultra Messaging® and VMA software solution from 29West and Voltaire, customers have more choice and flexibility to address their performance needs, which is critical because in capital markets gaining valuable seconds can equate to hundreds of millions of dollars in competitive advantage,” said Greg Lorence, product manager for 29West. “The performance that we've seen using Voltaire VMA over 10 Gigabit Ethernet is truly impressive and the flexibility of the solution affords our customers the ability to choose from a large number of underlying network implementations, while still guaranteeing ultra low-latency performance from their messaging and network layers."

“While our proven solution has been deployed extensively over Voltaire InfiniBand-based trading fabrics, we are proud to now offer similar performance gains over 10GigE,” said Asaf Somekh, vice president of marketing, Voltaire. “Working with 29West we’re providing customers a quick route to achieving the lowest latency multicast messaging on Ethernet.”

You can watch the joint 29West and Voltaire webinar detailing the performance results and download the performance report at www.voltaire.com/29West_webinar.

About Voltaire
Voltaire (NASDAQ: VOLT) is a leading provider of scale-out computing fabrics for data centers, high performance computing and cloud environments. Voltaire’s family of server and storage fabric switches and advanced management software improve performance of mission-critical applications, increase efficiency and reduce costs through infrastructure consolidation and lower power consumption. Used by more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100 and other premier organizations across many industries, including many of the TOP500 supercomputers, Voltaire products are included in server and blade offerings from Bull, HP, IBM, NEC, SGI and Sun. Founded in 1997, Voltaire is headquartered in Ra’anana, Israel and Chelmsford, Massachusetts. More information is available at www.voltaire.com or by calling 1-800-865-8247.

About 29West Inc., now a part of Informatica
29West, now a part of Informatica, is the leader in high-performance, low-latency messaging solutions for financial institutions. Their Ultra Messaging® family of products provides up to a 10X latency reduction and 100X bandwidth improvement over traditional messaging designs across a wide range of use cases, including streaming, persistence, caching, queuing and desktop distribution. 29West Ultra Messaging provides customers with the highest performing, most tunable, most controllable, most powerful messaging API in the industry, and allows full end-to-end monitoring capabilities. With more than 140 production deployments since 2004 and offices in Chicago, New York, London and Tokyo, 29West provides next-generation messaging for the next generation of trading platforms. For more information, please visit www.29west.com.

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