Informatica Cloud Summer 2010 Release Now Available

Delivering Data Quality and B2B Data Transformation Cloud Services

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 15, 2010 -  Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of enterprise data integration software, today announced the general availability of the Informatica Cloud Summer 2010 release. The new release significantly broadens the company’s award winning data integration Cloud Services with pre-packaged plug-ins that enable data quality and business-to-business (B2B) data transformation in the cloud.

With Informatica Cloud Summer 2010, customers and partners can also build and share custom plug-ins through the Informatica Marketplace and take advantage of pre-packaged connectivity for applications such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Xactly, Right 90, Big Machines and numerous others.

“Integration has become one of the most important issues in the cloud,” said Judith Hurwitz, President of Hurwitz & Associates. “Increasingly, customers will have to focus on data governance and quality in the cloud environment.”

Data Quality
The summer release provides significant new data quality capabilities to empower users to rapidly augment and cleanse data within cloud applications. Information can now be validated and cleansed within a data synchronization task.

  • Global Address Validation – Verify and correct postal address data for more than 240 countries and territories ensuring that only accurate information is fed directly into your CRM and ERP applications, databases and files.
  • Data Cleansing Rapidly deploy pre-built data standardization, de-duplication and cleansing rules without complex programming.

B2B Data Transformation
Informatica Cloud Summer 2010 delivers pre-packaged transformations that allow organizations to integrate messages from partners, suppliers and trading networks in the cloud for ACORD, SWIFT, EDI-X12 and EDIFACT.

  • Insurance – Carriers can integrate critical ACORD format information coming from back-office systems into the cloud to present a single view of the customer to agents and brokers.
  • Financial Services – Firms can automate the movement of data from back-office systems to the cloud using pre-packaged SWIFT transformations, ensuring message compliance with the SWIFT standard.
  • Trading Partners – Organizations can automate supply chain, logistics and other purchasing processes by using EDI transformation in the cloud. Companies can now consolidate purchase order information between partners and route logistics transactions to facilitate timely shipment of millions of items.

Data Integration-as-a-Service Enhancements
The Informatica Cloud Summer 2010 release makes it even simpler for line-of-business users to leverage powerful data integration services via the cloud. Ease-of-use enhancements have been made throughout the wizard-based interface along with the addition of a new advanced mode for previewing data and optimizing performance. Additionally, a custom source option to test and run SQL queries as well as hundreds of powerful data transformations are now available within the data synchronization mapping environment.

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Supporting Quotes

  • “Informatica Cloud Services has been a critical component of our implementation from day one,” said Yvonne Tang, Business Systems Manager, New York Media. “With minimal IT resources, we are able to accommodate our changing data needs relative to customer account and order master data, as well as replicate cloud-based data for back-up and reporting purposes. The new address validation service will have an immediate impact on the productivity of our sales team and ROI of our marketing programs by allowing us to maintain more accurate address records and save departmental resources in improving the quality of our promotional mailing lists.”
  • “One of the biggest challenges corporations and banks face today is cost effectively integrating their back office systems with SWIFT,” said David Pryce, managing director, SWIFT Americas. “By providing secure and comprehensive SWIFT transformation in the Cloud, Informatica is enabling organizations to economically automate the round trip transformation and validation of any type of data from their back office systems into SWIFT.”
  • “Over 650 companies are now running over thirty thousand integration jobs a day and integrating over six billion rows a month between systems using Informatica Cloud,” said Ron Papas, general manager, Informatica Cloud. “The introduction of data quality and B2B data transformation plug-ins build towards our vision of a data integration marketplace and the Summer 2010 release is a significant step forward for cloud data integration.”

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